Emergency need for funds for comcast — $511–only $200 left to go

I don’t do fundraisers unless I have to, but right now our phones and internet are out and people are right now trying to fax me corruption information.

If you can possibly spare some kind of money to help us out, that will be great.  I know the people I serve have already paid other lawyers hundreds of dollars, thousands of dollars, even hundreds of thousands of dollars, only to have their own attorneys do nothing, or at worst, they threw them under the bus when all the money was gone.

I do understand and empathize.  And I hate to ask. But we do not have any grants or funds or donations from anyone other than courtroom victims.

The bad news is, I always scrape by.  The good news is that you can rest assured I will not turn on your or defame or libel you as you have frequently encountered in the past.  I am not being paid by anyone except donations at this time.

You can text or email me a check made out to my name for phones and internet. Anything in excess of what we have to pay will not be cashed. Email me at joanne@denisonlaw.com, or text me a check to 773-255-7608.  You can also use the facebook money transfer system to “joanne marie denison.”  donations made to justice for every 1 are not tax deductible because we do publish suggested changes to legislation and that makes us a 501-c-4 and not a tax deductible 501-c-3.  We abide by the IRS rules for charitable corporations

I am currently working on going to Washington with all your cases and if you have forms to fill out still, do them now please.

And if anyone wants to volunteer at the office, I have a lot of projects that involve research and analyzing data to spot corruption.

Please post and cross post.


4 thoughts on “Emergency need for funds for comcast — $511–only $200 left to go

  1. Wanted to let everyone know the reason she takes checks by text is because MANY LARGE banks have gone to the textPic2Deposit method.

    She’s legitimate. I belong to a certain band of parents sticking together about custody issues, and I truly believe this woman is hell on heels.

    • Every business pretty much scans in checks and sends them to the banks that way. If you want to mail one, that’s fine too.
      There are dozens of recommendations for how I have helped people in the past already on my blog. Look in the exhibits folder to my ARDC pleadings and you will find them or I can post again

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