From the Cal. State Bar Assn–humongous salaries and a whistleblower suit

and see this

The California State Bar was thrown into turmoil this week after its ousted executive director struck back with retaliation claims alleging that he was fired for complaining about ethical breaches inside the organization.

Joseph Dunn, a Democratic former California state senator, claims in a whistleblower lawsuit filed in California state court Thursday that the state bar fired him from his job last week after he accused the bar’s top disciplinary officer of lying about the organization’s handling of attorney misconduct complaints.

The bar, an arm of the California Supreme Court, is the state’s legal gatekeeper, overseeing bar admissions and managing the state’s attorney discipline system for its 181,000 active members.

Mr. Dunn alleges that the bar’s chief trial counsel, Jayne Kim, who oversees investigations into complaints about attorneys, “unlawfully removed” backlog cases from official reports. “This was done to benefit Ms. Kim in her upcoming evaluation and to fraudulently inflate the productivity of her office,” the complaint says.

Ms. Kim, the lawsuit says, retaliated by filing an internal complaint against Mr. Dunn. The bar then retained an outside firm that billed it $300,000 — at $800 an hour — to conduct an evaluation of Mr. Dunn, according to his complaint.

Ms. Kim couldn’t be reached for comment. As recently as last year, Mr. Dunn had publicly praised her effort in reducing backlog cases.

The complaint also accuses Ms. Kim of failing to enforce a new state law intended to crackdown on immigration consulting fraud.

It’s amazing the salaries that these attorney administrators get and still there is a huge public outcry the Cal. State Bar isn’t doing their job and now this whistleblower suit.

I’m fairly amazed that the ARDC and the JIB have not been sued yet for not doing their job either.

Jerome Larkin is on the war path against attorneys exposing coverups in the court, he has suspended myself, Ken Ditkowsky and Lanre Amu for only telling the truth but he drags his feet on prosecuting a known serious and dangerous felon, Seth Gillman who has committed over $100 million in medicare fraud against the government, and has stolen employee tax funds from their trust account.

It’s only a matter of time before the lid blows off that kettle of boiling fetid corruption stew.  And you know it’s going to happen.

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