Corruption in CLE–lawyer AND judge teach case fixing!

Warning:  this is sick stuff

don’t confuse me with the facts or doing justice, the state needs the money for my paycheck.
kids for cash. kids as a commodity
we need to make money off of separating kids from parents under Title 4
Damn the facts!
Note the similarities between this judge and Judge Ciavarella in “Kids for Cash”, the movie now on Netflix.  Highly recommended.
Both this judge and this lawyer should be disbarred for fostering corruption in the courts.  It’s nothing but Fraud on the Court

3 thoughts on “Corruption in CLE–lawyer AND judge teach case fixing!

  1. I admire you and all the others who are trying to do good . But life is not forever and the perpetrators are still out there , nothing has changed . They do what they want and are afraid of nothing , lives shortened, endangered, assets tsken , families suffering and the beat goes on ,while the miscreants pockets grow fuller and we can do nothing .

    • If you haven’t done so already, please go to the page and fill out the guardianship horror form and return it to me. Sen. Kirk has promised an investigation if I get 25 cases and I now have over 30. I am going to take these to Washington DC next month and present them at the Senate SubCommittee on Aging and the House Subcommittee on the Judicary and demand these seniors be released from guardianship, their rights restored, and their money also restored. Please fill out the form and return it. thanks

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