From Atty Athena Roe–a press release for Probate Reform

Without enforcement of the law there can be no justice
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NAPRA Demands Immediate Federal Intervention into Probate Racket Across America
April 11,2016
We must be protected from public corruption, racketeering, mob tactics, and crimes in our judicial system. Federal monitors must be placed in probate courts across the country including in Colorado.
The National Association for Probate Reform and Advocacy (“NAPRA”) is a non-partisan, nation-wide grassroots coalition of non-profit and other volunteer organizations dedicated to helping families in probate courts who have been victimized, harassed, coerced, threatened, and harmed by public corruption and racketeering in probate courts.

In an urgent letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch, NAPRA has asked for the DOJ to intervene to obtain an injunction and immediate return of stolen assets by probate lawyers including public administrators. These government employees “the officers of the court” have violated state and federal laws. Rather than protect vulnerable citizens, the state courts “protect the racket”. Families distrust the system that created the economic ruin, PTSD, extortion, and conspiracy to defraud their estates and cannot go back to the system that created the problem as the state courts have done. Because their estates have been drained, Americans cannot afford to pay more attorneys to perpetuate corruption.
NAPRA is working in Colorado with Senator(s) Woods, Carroll, and Tate and with the FBI to investigate abuses in Colorado. In the next few weeks, the FBI will be heading to a region in Colorado where the Public Administrator is attempting to convert over 500 acres of a family’s land.

There are hundreds of thousands of stories not only in Colorado, but across America. The racketeering is obvious by patterns of forced mediation, objections to accountings, coercion, “shake down of assets”, conspiracy to commit and the commission of fraud. The mediations include lawyers and retired judges that threaten families with lies in order to coerce a settlement.
Often the public administrator blames the victims– the family– for abuse so that they can take “fiduciary” charge of assets, pillage, churn fees, intimidate, and keep the bureaucracy going in order to bankrupt the family. This is by far the most common scheme. The judicial system has become a system of tyranny and bureaucracy. The worst tyranny and mob racket are the unchecked Article III agency courts – known as probate courts.

America’s Probate Codes violate our nation’s state and federal laws and statutes and the United States Bill of Rights that demands there will be no “taking of life, liberty, or property absent due process of law.” Lawyers, magistrates and mediators systematically participate in schemes to steal assets, coerce bad settlements, threaten families, harass, drug, and intimidate the vulnerable in order to commit their crimes.

This results in the induction of horrific traumatic stress disorders of millions of Americans who never suffered from stress disorders.

NAPRA demands an immediate federal investigation starting in Colorado and moving into Florida, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New York, Connecticut, Ohio, Arizona, New Mexico, California, and Massachusetts on behalf of the innocent families who have been defrauded and had their property illegally sold.

The post deprivation remedies are now approaching the billion dollar mark.

The people of the United States of America believe that our nation must be protected from public corruption, racketeering, mob tactics, crimes, illegal activity, and cronyism in our judicial system.

NAPRA asks that “federal monitors” be placed in Colorado’s probate courts as well as all states, as we the people expect the rule of law to follow in the administration of our estates.

For further information contact Athena Roe, J.D.

(719) 502-0798


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