From Ken Ditkowsky–the Mary Sykes Case is textbook fraud and elder abuse

and it is clearly sanctioned by the Illinois Atty Registration and Discipline Commission

Subject: Another example of a family member of a victim being her own worst enemy.
Date: Apr 27, 2016 12:01 PM
The Mary Sykes 09 P 4585 (Cook County) is a textbook case of elder cleansing complete with a kidnapping, isolation, abuse, exploitation etc.    The corruption is documented in the file.  The summons by which jurisdiction was obtained was not served.   With the victim removed from the County, without a valid court order to do so, the county sheriff was given an address to serve a summons that did not comply with the statutory requirement (755 ILCS 5/11a – 10).    The sheriff in a letter acknowledged he had no record of service.   Thus, no jurisdiction was obtained.     THAT SHOULD HAVE ENDED THE SYKES CASE AND RETURNED MARY’S LIFE TO HER!
To protect a citizen the 14th amendment requires NOTICE and hearing PRIOR to adjudication.   The Statutory notice (jurisdictional) was ignored, and one of the guardian ad litem actually wrote to Gloria Sykes admitting that no hearing was every had.   This is backed up by the Court file.   The judge during her evidence deposition (see page 90, 91, and 92) actually admitted that the case before her was ‘fixed’ and she was wired.     THAT SHOULD HAVE ENDED THE DISCIPLINARY CASES and caused the IARDC to join in demanding an HONEST INVESTIGATION .
This ISIS -LIKE assault by the miscreants, the IARDC, the 18 USCA 242, 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators  on the Illinois Constitution and the Federal Constitution should be the focus point of Gloria Sykes at this time.     Tim Lahrman spent years helping her and travelling into Cook County – at his own expense – in an effort to assist.    Janet Phelan lent her considerable skills as a journalist and without compensation wrote articles trying to draw public attention to Mary’s plight.    JoAnne Denison not only proved a great amount of pro bono legal assistance, but did much hand holding. ****** The list goes on.   
Thus, the net result is that the miscreants have profited to the tune of at least three million dollars – up till now TAX FREE, have never accounted for over a million dollars in gold coins, the cash in Mary’s mattress ******.   In addition, the bold miscreants managed to sell Mary’s house, deprive Gloria of her own house, throw her valuable furnishings out into the alley, deny her the enjoyment of home and property, and steal her inheritance for the Biddy estate.   (unknown value – might be another 1/2 million dollars – taken from a safety deposit box in the name of both Mary and Gloria)   For good measure the hazard insurance settlement proceeds that the Circuit Court awarded solely to Gloria (about $700,000 plus or minus) have also been stolen.
The list of tragedies perpretrated upon Gloria and her family is a nightmare which should never occur in a free, open and just court system.  It was simply one felony after another, which the ARDC refused to prosecute, the Chicago and Naperville police refused to investigate, as well as all States Attorneys–Madigan, Alvarez (now gone), Diane Saltoun and others, despite the fact that a large amount of taxes and health care proceeds refunds are due both Illinois and the US Government for the placing of Mary in a nursing home against her will and drugging her at the end, claiming it was death from “dementia” and “natural causes” when the only natural cause was excessive narcotics when the money in the estate ran out.
Maureen Connors, Adam Stern, Cynthia Farenga, Peter Schmeidel, Debra Jo Soehlig, the nursing home operators and administrators, Carolyn and Fred Toerpe, the police and states attorneys were all part of this string of felonies, 18 USC sec 4 and 18 USC sec 371 conspiracy.
It’s time to investigate and end the horror show of probate court in Illinois.  Time to come clean. Time to do the right thing and treat elders and their families with dignity and respect.

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