Nevada Guardianship finally investigated after numerous complaints

Finally, in the mega media, watch this short video of how a Nevada “private” guardian absued and exploited a number of elders.  Finally, the police seized her computers and files:

Private Guardian Alice Parks has been accused by her wards of double dipping, misspent money and Abuse of Power.  A number of families in Nevada claim Parks has abused numerous wards.  Police are looking at what Parks did with their assets.  Search warrants were served at multiple locations for exploiting ward.  More than 100 people were made wards of the court with Parks as their Guardian in Nevada.

Parks has refused to talk to the media after an initial media meeting back in April 2016.  This is in Clark County, Nevada.  Boulder City began investigating the disappearance of 8 wards, leaving a trail of unpaid bills behind.

Phyllis Moskowicz Crowe is shown on camera saying this “private” guardian is “so evil and vicious that the devil would not have her as his own.”  Mrs. Crowe nearly lost her home under the “care” of Alice Parks.  One woman did lose her home after Guardian Parks let it slip into foreclosure, it was sold for pennies on the dollar.  Parks sold most of the ward’s clothing and belongings.  The family said that the home was in a trust and the family had made financial plans to keep their mom in her own home and financially secure until their mom passed.

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