Per CBS–Illinois worst run state in the nation


The survey, which ranked all 50 states from best to worst, considered factors like debt per capita, unemployment rate and median household income.

The company cited poor finances, a major drop in home values and more people leaving the state than moving in last year as reasons for Illinois’ place on the list.

Obviously, the survey could have looked at items such as police brutality, the shooting of minorities on the South Side for no discernable reason other than target practice, the shooting in cold blood of Bettie Jones, a well know South Side activist.

The fact that our courts are utterly corrupt and little to no justice is taking place, chancery court judges foreclose despite the fact payments were made, Foster Bank/BBCN’s legacy of elder abuse and exploitation continues on (see, Kang Lee foreclosure case).

No reason why everyone is fleeing Illinois.  Dorothy Brown is about to be indicted or should be indicted for passing white envelopes of cash for promotions, court reporters change transcripts (Harrison, Sykes, the ARDC) and no one cares or does anything about it.  I still don’t have correct transcripts for my case from Morgan and Messina and the court reporter promised me she would make sure they are accurate. Who is licensing the changing of transcripts in the courts of Illinois.

Jerome Larkin, head of the Illinois ARDC is a major factor in how he covers up corruption. Seth Gillman still hasn’t been disciplied, but he stole some $100 million from the US and Illinois governments over 6 years. The ARDC no longer responds to that inquiry.

They have not responded to my inquiry of changed transcripts in the jailing of Lyle Harrison without due process and his constitutional rights.  Both the bailiff, the clerk and numerous court staff told me when I asked about constitutional rights and protections by the court, “they don’t do that down here.”  Right.

It’s not hard to figure out why Illinois is the worst run state in the nation.

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