From Ken Ditkowsky–even the public knows of the corruption!

JoAnne – on the MaryGSykes blog I noticed the following comment, to wit:

Response from a Reader at Linked In confirms the corruption

Posted on April 16, 2016
by the ARDC
Read on:
Layered irony. She’s suspended by a state’s corrupt legal powers for whistle-blowing some of the corrupt judges & more in that state. Then her claims are validated as the resulting investigations (their instigation proof enough that her claims weren’t the “reckless disregard for truth” she’s suspended for) in Fact unmasked the corruption of the very powerful & corrupt judges etc. she’d unveiled. Yet that state maintains its self-proven-wrong claim of her “reckless disregard for truth”, leaving her suspended, and insuring the powerful that corruption is alive and well there. Truth rarely wins.
The fact that members of the public are gleaning the fact that there is a massive -cover up of the elder cleansing scandal is very important.    Mr. Larkin’s 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators appear to be still getting away with their perfidy and TAX LIABILITY for their overt criminal activities.   
It is extremely difficult to feel sympathy for victims who are not sympathetic characters but they have rights too.     Your response 

********, which for some reason Linked In would not post, so I’m posting here.
Thanks.  The Sykes case is true and is tied in.  Layer upon layer of corruption, and Judge Maureen Connors even admitted the case was fixed (Later in her deposition she remarked that if someone would find out that the case was running without jurisdiction, she would just dismiss it, have Mary served and then come to the same result–same corrupt GAL’s and Guardian) and when Mary’s doctor refused to sign a certificate of incompetency–a CCP 211, –she said, in open court and on the transcript–“well then find another doctor that will [cooperate].  The FBI has been informed.  The other Judge, Judge Stuart was forced to resign when she lied about chaining Gloria Sykes in her ante room to find Gloria’s $240,000 in assets to fork over to the GAL thieves and cronies.  On a first question I asked her about this topic, she firmly said “I would never chain a person and threaten their pets with euthanization.”  So I waited a few minutes and a few questions later and said “how many times have you chained someone in your ante room”.  Response: ,”that was the only time….”  pauses, “let me change my testimony, I have never chained any one in my ante room.”  A Perry Mason moment.  That disappeared from the transcript.  How did they all do that?  I have to file more documents.
You can red the rest of the blog about the chain of corruption (use search box) from Tim Evans and his “court schedulers” a/k/a fixers to the fixer in the “offical court reporter’s offices” to Lisa and Mike Madigan and why they do NOT investigate and prosecute courtroom and political corruption in Illinois.
illustrates part of the problem that every victim faces.     This frustration takes an extreme toll!     
This is the reason that we have to induce LAW ENFORCEMENT to do an HONEST INVESTIGATION so that they can garner the evidence with which to 1) enforce the law and hinder the elder cleansings of the miscreants that Jerome Larkin is fostering by his cover=up and smorgasbord  criminal violations, and 2) bail the STATE OF ILLINOIS out by collecting from Larkin and his co-conspirators jointly and severally the INCOME TAXES, interest and penalties they owe to the State of Illinois for their breaches of fiduciary relationship.     It is no wonder that Larkin and this cronies do not file the State of Illinois ‘ethics statements’ disclosing assets and possible conflicts of interest.
JUST FOR THE RECORD – THE LEADER OF THE ILLINOIS SENATE HAS PROPOSED A USAGE TAX ON AUTOMOBILES USED IN THE STATE.      If the Illinois Department of Revenue  (and its enforcement arm at the Illinois Attorney General’s Office) would collect the taxes that Jerome Larkin and his co-conspirators owe we would not need this new tax!    HOWEVER – as the political elite do not want to interfere with the cover -up conducted by Larkin – we the great unwashed should be prepared for more taxes and enjoy Mr. Larkin’s escapades into elder cleansing at our expense
How long does Mary Sykes, Alice Gore, Carolyn Wyman ***** have to lay in their graves before the State of Illinois collects its share of the ‘loot’  from the political and judicial criminals (like Larkin) who are laughing all the way to the Bank!
Ken Ditkowsky
And Ken, you should also note that we just filed a Supervisory Petition with the ARDC simply asking 1) that lawyers be able to blog about corruption, reveal it, help people file complaints to the authorities, not lie about US Supreme Court Decisions that say lawyers have First Amendment rights to expose corruption and publicly condemn it; and 2) the ARDC file its Ethics Reports which is required under the Illinois Ethics Reporting Act of 2009.
I find it incredible that the Petition was denied without comment.
Obviously the IARDC is flouting the law and stuffing it in our faces that they are too big and powerful to fail, and especially Jerome Larkin, the head Administrator of the IARDC and his inhouse counsel, James Grogin,  who assists him in legal maneuvers and cronyism to avoid a simple, honest Petition for Supervisory Order such as that which you and I have filed.  I wonder why the FBI lets them sneer at them. Were not the changed transcripts enough? The violation of our civil rights and the kangaroo trials?   What about the fact that all discovery has been quashed against Carolyn Toerpe for her role in all of this and emptying the safe deposit box without a court order and taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in collectible coins?  Where is the discovery on that issue?
Our Petition for a Supervisory Order was denied without comment  It was denied without case law.  It was denied without either the clerk or any of the Illinois Supreme Court Justices signing this order.
For sure, I would not sign it either.  It is disgraceful.  Clearly the ARDC must report its salaries and any outside income under the law, just as any other state employee must do so.  Hundreds of thousands of other state employees file their annual Ethics Report disclosing their salary and all sources of income, but the the ARDC or, I believe, the OPG (Office of Public Guardian).  How does the FBI let them get away openly with graft and corruption?
If you have not seen the movie, Kids for Cash, please do so now.  In that movie it took 6 years for some reporters to bring two absolutely horrible judges to justice.  Conahan got a plead deal for 14 years, but it looks like he masterminded the scheme.  Judge Ciavarella, who gave us some fabulous case law that judges are NOT immune from liability when they take kickbacks, fail to report $1,000,000 on their taxes, etc. received 28 years for what he did to those poor kids.  Some children committed suicide from living in such horrible, horrible conditions for crimes they either did not commit or they weren’t even real crimes (publishing a web page making fun of school administrators, throwing food in the cafeteria.)
Of course, they all blame Columbine and “zero tolerance” for violence, but we know the dirty little secret that all school shooters can be traced back to the use of psychotropic drugs in teens, esp. male teens, when the drugs carry a black box warning against that usage because it can produce schizophrenia (hearing voices, and not the good kind), depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, violent thoughts.
Rather than blame the drug companies and doctors for prescribing these trashy medicines, and the teachers for pushing the parents to use drugs contraindicated for teen boys, they blame the kids, which does not good–they are the victims in all of this.  They are growing, developing, their brains are not mature and many are not able to make the link between bad behavior and consequences.  Research shows you cannot simply force the link.  It often makes it worse, far worse.
At first, in the movie, Ciavarella, denies he did anything wrong.  He said he did not sell any kids for cash.  His point (what a psychopath) is that he incarcerated every kid in front of him (true) on a zero tolerance policy, so that’s not “Kids for Cash”.  He also stated at first, taking $1 million to invest in a private detention center and then receiving VIG (very important gain) from the facility was not a bribe or kickback, because he, as a judge, was allowed to make investments, and this was just another investment he had made, he just “conveniently forgot” to put it on his ethics report for the year, but that was only a minor ethics violation, and he CLAIMED he thought an ethics violation was not the same as a violation of the law he could go to prison for. But over time, and by the time of his trial, he did come to the conclusion what he did was wrong, very wrong.  He said it “took him awhile”, but then he could see how making a $1 million investment in juvenile detention facilities, being paid on the investment, not report it on his Ethics Reports or to the IRS was in fact a “real” problem and for that he deserved lengthy incarceration, just has he had handed out to these kids.
What is happening in Cook County is not any better.  Seniors and disableds are regularly targeted and stripped of all their assets and those assets,  nearly all or a large chunk of them, go to court room tied in vendors The cook county public guardian’s office is a den of thieves and goons. They regularly  guardianize the elderly to steal their paid up homes and cars and bank accounts.  Beware.  See the cases of Sophie Reichert, Robert Olson and others where they wrested control away from a valid POA or tried to.  They tried to throw Robert Olson in a nursing home and sell his house against his will, they have done so to Sophie Reichert and threw her income property into foreclosure, put her in a nursing home and are now going to sell her home against her will.   (The prior POA charged $2400 per month and kept the building afloat, the OPG charges $15k or more per month for the same services and many mortgage payments were never made. )  The OPG also has not paid Ryan Reichert some $20k in child support. When a dead beat dad does not pay, he goes to trial, when the OPG does not pay child support but takes the money in outrageous attorneys fees, nothing ever happense.  These are a disgusting den of thieves charging the elderly $250 per hour to steal homes and cars and bank accounts and assets.  Ciavarella, is going to a nice federal facility where unlike the Kids he incarcerated, there isn’t peeling old pain, the need to do a roach or rat check when you come into your room, and dirty stinking walls and floors and a filthy atmosphere, but maybe someone can recreate that for him, so he “gets it.”  I wonder if the old facility, which was stinking and rotting is available for rent for him and he can be locked up all day except for a half hour in the yard exercising (jumping jacks, sit ups and push ups) then the rest of the day by himself in a small cell doing schoolwork.
Now THAT would be Karma.
And as for Larkin, Opryszek, (not so) Smart Guiterrez, Steve Splitt, Sang Yul Lee, and the rest of the “rat pack”, your Karma awaits you.  Someday your assets will be stripped from you, you will be put in a  locked down facility, drugged, your teeth pulled, someone will shove a feeding tube in your belly when you eat too slowly, and when the money runs out, food and water will be withheld and you will be narcotized to death.  And all friends and relatives you loved and enjoyed will be stripped from you and replaced with the relative you hated the most who comes in once in a while and sneers at you and wonders why you linger so long.
As a  result of the Ciavarella/Conahan “Kids for Cash” scheme, some 2400 juvenile convictions were overturned and expunged.  There is now a $30 million fund for these kids, which is clearly not enough to cover the pain these families experienced as a result of the complete lack of justice system from Ciavarella/Conahan.

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