Response from a Reader at Linked In confirms the corruption

by the ARDC

Read on:

Layered irony. She’s suspended by a state’s corrupt legal powers for whistle-blowing some of the corrupt judges & more in that state. Then her claims are validated as the resulting investigations (their instigation proof enough that her claims weren’t the “reckless disregard for truth” she’s suspended for) in Fact unmasked the corruption of the very powerful & corrupt judges etc. she’d unveiled. Yet that state maintains its self-proven-wrong claim of her “reckless disregard for truth”, leaving her suspended, and insuring the powerful that corruption is alive and well there. Truth rarely wins.

My response, which for some reason Linked In would not post, so I’m posting here.

Thanks.  The Sykes case is true and is tied in.  Layer upon layer of corruption, and Judge Maureen Connors even admitted the case was fixed (Later in her deposition she remarked that if someone would find out that the case was running without jurisdiction, she would just dismiss it, have Mary served and then come to the same result–same corrupt GAL’s and Guardian) and when Mary’s doctor refused to sign a certificate of incompetency–a CCP 211, –she said, in open court and on the transcript–“well then find another doctor that will [cooperate].  The FBI has been informed.  The other Judge, Judge Stuart was forced to resign when she lied about chaining Gloria Sykes in her ante room to find Gloria’s $240,000 in assets to fork over to the GAL thieves and cronies.  On a first question I asked her about this topic, she firmly said “I would never chain a person and threaten their pets with euthanization.”  So I waited a few minutes and a few questions later and said “how many times have you chained someone in your ante room”.  Response: ,”that was the only time….”  pauses, “let me change my testimony, I have never chained any one in my ante room.”  A Perry Mason moment.  That disappeared from the transcript.  How did they all do that?  I have to file more documents.

You can red the rest of the blog about the chain of corruption (use search box) from Tim Evans and his “court schedulers” a/k/a fixers to the fixer in the “offical court reporter’s offices” to Lisa and Mike Madigan and why they do NOT investigate and prosecute courtroom and political corruption in Illinois.


Thanks for your comment.


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