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RE:    Wrongful arrest and incarceration of Mr. Timothy J Lahrman, probate activist

To the above authorities

Mr. Tim Lahrman has recently been arrested and incarcertated on a 17 year old warrant for a broken license plate holder and a small quantity of MJ which was never tested for THC so it is not even know if the substance violated any laws. He is a ward of the State of Indiana and his Guardian never appeared or assisted in his case in any capacity.  Recently, he was imprisoned, and the Guardian has not come to any court hearings or provided any assistance to a ward of the state, a disabled man.  It is believed the arrest was politically motivated because Tim Lahramn currently has up at the 7th circuit a brief on appeal demanding that the State Court System made reasonable accommodations for the disabled during foreclosure proceedings.  This is a hotly contested issue because the banks clearly want rubber stamps to steal houses from the elderly, poor and disabled and mortgage fraud with fake documents, fake accountings and robo signing are common and are well known on the internet.

Tim Lahrman is a well known activist in the probate field.  He has helped scores, if not hundreds of pro se litigants write pleadings and understand their rights when they could not afford an attorney, or the attorneys who assisted them were either corrupt and tied into the system, or they were threatened by corrupt courts, judges and their puppet crony appointed attorneys that assist a system that routinely commits strings of crimes against the elderly and disabled and forces them into nursing homes where they are drugged so they do not protest being there, and when the money in the estate runs out for the puppet crony appointed attorneys and their flying monkey court appointed vendors to leech off the elderly like a locus of cockroaches,* they then narcotize the senior to death with excessive drugs and the withholding of food and water, all without a court order.

This is the nadir of the legal and judicial “profession” if you could ever call it that again.

We are immediately demanding the appointment of competent counsel for Tim Lahrman, that his grievances under the ADA and the long expired arrest and imprisonment warrants be investigated and expunged, and that he be immediately released and the Guardian be brought before both the criminal courts and the Probate court for a full investigation of how he never adequately assisted Tim Lahrman in his legal troubles.

Mr. Lahrman is currently imprisoned in derogation of his human and civil rights, his imprisonment is clearly a 18 USC 241, 242 and 1983 violation.  It is further a violation of the ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act.

We trust you will take swift action to protect Mr. Lahrman’s rights under the US and Indiana state constitution.


Joanne Denison,
Executive Director
Justice4 Every1, NFP

*I cannot take credit for this phrase, it was State Senator Nancy Detert of Florida who used it to described probate attorneys and court appointed vendors and “professional” guardians.

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