Status on probate activist Tim Lahrman–talked to him today

In just a few minutes, which was all we were permitted, Tim was able to call me at about noon and provide a report.

First of all, he has been asking his jailer to provide him with the jail’s ADA program and grievance form to report on his incarceration. The response from the jail was that they have none.

He needs to be provided with a laptop to write because of his disability.  That request has been ignored.  His access to the law library has been ignored.

He told the judge in court that he should be let go because he has a Habeus Corpus (you have the body, produce it) on file under the ADA with the Superior Court.

Apparently all of that is being ignored.

Prior to his hearing today, he as assigned a public defender who turned out to be a dud.  He asked her what he wanted said in court (talk about his HC and his disability), and she refused, so he asked her name and she refused to provide it, said it was “none of his business” and why was he asking.  Tim replied he wanted to file a bar complaint against her (like what disgruntled client doesn’t) and she flew into a rage, pushed the red button in the room, and then complained to the guard and court Tim “was combatitive.”  For sure, with words.  I guess she did not like his words when he asked her to assert ADA complianace and he be removed to an appropriate treatment facility for his condition (whatever that is) or released.  I know Tim, he is about the meekest softest spoken person I know.  His greatest sword against injustice is his mouth.  And his mouth speaks big words and phrases that scare the corrupt system, such as “first Amendment, US and Indiana Constitution, the ADA”–very scary phrases if you are corrupt.  As Melissa Smart said during my trial (she is a lawyer with the Ill. Atty. Regn. and Discipline Comm.), this blog is like yelling “fire” a crowded theater, when what she really meant is this blog is like yelling “FBI” in a theatre crowded with corrupt attorneys and judges, but I digress.

He says he has not received mail, and he thinks the jailer is holding it.

Here’s the information on where to call and whom to write to object to the jailing on 17 year old warrants and Tim’s disability and lack of effective assistance of his Guardian:

Elkhart County Public Defender

City of Goshen Legal Dept

204 E Jefferson St, Suite 2, Goshen IN 46528-3405

ph 574-537-3820

fax 574 537 3817

attention:  Ms. Shannon Marks, Legal Compliance Administrator

Elkhart Prosecutor’s Office


Office of the Prosecuting Attorney
301 S. Main St., Suite 100
Elkhart, IN 46516
Phone: (574) 296-1888
Fax: (574) 296-1889

Elkhart Police HQ–Ed Windbigler, Police Chief

Elkhart Police Department

175 Waterfall Drive, Elkhart, Indiana, 46516

Phone 574-295-7070      Fax 574-293-0679


See Directions


an email:

Please fax, write and call your complaints, as we doing voting in Chicago, do it early, often and frequently.


Please send your faxes, emails and letters to this address:

Suggested content:

Mr. Tim Lahrman has recently been arrested and incarcertated on a 17 year old warrant for a broken license plate holder and a small quantity of MJ which was never tested for THC so it is not even know if the substance violated any laws. He is a ward of the State of Indiana and his Guardian never appeared or assisted in his case in any capacity.  Recently, he was imprisoned, and the Guardian has not come to any court hearings or provided any assistance to a ward of the state, a disabled man.  It is believed the arrest was politically motivated because Tim Lahramn currently has up at the 7th circuit a brief on appeal demanding that the State Court System made reasonable accommodations for the disabled during foreclosure proceedings.  This is a hotly contested issue because the banks clearly want rubber stamps to steal houses from the elderly, poor and disabled and mortgage fraud with fake documents, fake accountings and robo signing are common and are well known on the internet.

Tim Lahrman is a well known activist in the probate field.  He has helped scores, if not hundreds of pro se litigants write pleadings and understand their rights when they could not afford an attorney, or the attorneys who assisted them were either corrupt and tied into the system, or they were threatened by corrupt courts, judges and their puppet crony appointed attorneys that assist a system that routinely commits strings of crimes against the elderly and disabled and forces them into nursing homes where they are drugged so they do not protest being there, and when the money in the estate runs out for the puppet crony appointed attorneys and their flying monkey court appointed vendors to leech off the elderly like a locus of cockroaches,* they then narcotize the senior to death with excessive drugs and the withholding of food and water, all without a court order.

This is the nadir of the legal and judicial “profession” if you could ever call it that again.

We are immediately demanding the appointment of competent counsel for Tim Lahrman, that his grievances under the ADA and the long expired arrest and imprisonment warrants be investigated and expunged, and that he be immediately released and the Guardian be brought before both the criminal courts and the Probate court for a full investigation of how he never adequately assisted Tim Lahrman in his legal troubles.

Mr. Lahrman is currently imprisoned in derogation of his human and civil rights, his imprisonment is clearly a 18 USC 241, 242 and 1983 violation.  It is further a violation of the ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act.

We trust you will take swift action to protect Mr. Lahrman’s rights under the US and Indiana state constitution.


*I cannot take credit for this phrase, it was State Senator Nancy Detert of Florida who used it to described probate attorneys and court appointed vendors and “professional” guardians.

3 thoughts on “Status on probate activist Tim Lahrman–talked to him today

  1. I am once again appalled by the complete gall of these probate cockroaches, to scurry out of their “locus,” steal from the elderly and disabled and then scurry back again — away from the strong light of justice. And I am even more appalled that these cockroaches continue to get away with it. Thanks again for trying to exterminate these injustices.

  2. OK… update on details learned. Phone call with Rhonda.
    She was told by Sheriff’s Department:
    I asked her what he was in for. She stated there was an old charge to which he was sentenced to do a “commitment” for MJ poss. and a traffic violation in 1999. I asked her why he was being arrested in 2016 for this – she said he was considered “on the run from the law”. I indicated that I knew for a fact that his address and physical presence was well known to the Court system as he had recently been pushed out of his house through foreclosure – and was on record fighting this, as well as disability lawsuits he was involved in. I explained that Tim had helped me when a “drive-by appraisal” was done by my bank in an attempt to foreclose on my mortgage – based on an erroneous appraisal – proven to be 1/4 the value of the property.

    I also explained I was very concerned as this appeared to be a form of judicial retaliation for some of his court cases wherein his intelligence allowed him to stand up for his rights.

    She explained that yesterday or recently, he was appointed Legal Aidto help him and was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation.
    (side note: – what the heck kind of state are you in after suffering years of injustice, being kidnapped on ridiculous charges, after being kicked out of your home…. because of judicial bigotry) Yea… I think his mental health has been directly affected by judicial sponsorship of the foreclosure scams playing out across America. now… I digress.

    I did bring to the forefront – again – that it was 2016 – why did it take so long?
    Apparently he was never pulled over, or they didn’t know his whereabouts, or there are thousands of outstanding “on the run from the law” situations in which someone didn’t serve their commitments – so we make sure we investigate the one from 2016 who hasn’t gotten into trouble? hmmmmm…. sure….. ok…..?

    So… for Tim’s legal aid / his attorney/paralegal friends…. wonder what the law is on selective enforcement of the law? Would that be discriminatory?

    I do not know the particulars… but I know fairly well the injustice that comes from bias, discrimination and impartial judges, how monumentally impossible it is to find a lawyer that will or can defend against this bias…. and/or vindictiveness in the Courts by the players involved.

    V. Garvey

    • better ask rhonda why he is being arrested and detained since he has a guardian and he is legally a non person. he should have been released to the care and custody of his guardian.

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