Please write to the City of Goshen and demand they release Tim Lahrman

To:, ………………..
Subject: Re : Demand for Release of Mr. Tim Lahrman20H02 9904 CM 0460 Indiana v. Tim Lahrman
Date: Apr 6, 2016 2:36 AM

Dear Ms. Marks;

It is come to my attention that you are holding Mr. Lahrman in one of your adult detention centers.

This is to advise you that Mr. Lahrman is a ward of the State of Indiana and as such, he is not available for incarceration.  His guardian must be contacted and only the Guardian may legally speak for Mr. Lahrman.

I am now in receipt of a 92 page file that contains repeated statements from Mr. Lahrman that he is a disabled adult.  The case should have been referred over to Probate as soon as he was brought in.

Either the State of Indiana considers him a person for the purposes of incarceration, or it does not.  The Probate court has now declared him to be a non – entity, a non person and they have complete control over his body and person.  If the City is arresting a ward of the State, do you arrest and hold dead people?  They are on the same level of being non citizens.

I am herewith demanding immediate transfer of his criminal, misdemeanor case to Probate so that judge can decide the appropriate supervision and treatment for Mr. Lahrman.

I note that Mr. Lahrman did a better job than most attorneys in stating these facts to the Goshen City Police department and the handling of his case was a shameful and shocking tragedy and violation of his human and civil rights, a violation of 42 USC 1983 and 18 USC 241, 242, etc.  for denial of due process under color of authority.

I suggest you release him at once to the custody of his Guardian and the Probate Court.  If the Guardian fails to or refuses to comply, I suggest the appropriate court appoint a Guardian ad Litem for the purposes of litigation.

Mr. Lahrman is not a criminal; he is a disabled adult.


JoAnne Denison, Executive Director Justice 4 Every1, NFP

PLEASE copy this email and send it as often as you can, once or twice per day 
and fax this lady at 574-537-3817.
Please try to get the emails and fax numbers for 
Tim's Public Defender, the prosecuting States Attorney, 
the jailer and the commander of the police.

7 thoughts on “Please write to the City of Goshen and demand they release Tim Lahrman

    • I have no idea, maybe you can call Shannon Marks at the City of Goshen and find out. I want to fax and email the jailer for this crime against the disabled too. It is clearly a violation of law both US and international to put a legally disabled, non entity in jail or prison.

      Please let us know if you find out this information and how to email Tim so he knows he is not alone. This judge is as crazy as the Gorcyca judge.

      Or there must be a contest between the two going who can do the nuttiest violation of human and civil rights

      • I called the Elkhart County Jail: 574-891-2100.
        The automated phone recordings state he is in custody and his date of release is not scheduled. There is a hearing scheduled at 11:am on 4-11-2016.
        Are there any local friends/colleagues in the disability world who are helping him?
        Tim is a very intelligent and decent man – this is a sad day for justice. His advice stopped my home from being foreclosed on by a “drive-by” 1/4 value appraisal in 2010 – along with the help of a local Congressman.
        Why are the advocates with intelligence and brass confidence being beaten down in courts, beaten up on the streets/jail, and being made to fear America?
        I would appreciate it if anyone who is helping Tim could contact me. I am very concerned for his safety in jail – as his comments to me about the retaliatory nature of his eviction over $275 in a mistake made by the mortgage company caused his eviction in the freezing cold…. now he is in jail.
        Terrifying that this is happening in democracy and that such extreme measures are brought against those exercising first right amendment promises in our Constitution.
        Tim – I hope you are alright.

  1. You can call Elkhart Jail at 574-891-2100 and for $1.99 leave him a voice mail or by pressing 7 you can for a fee leave him a message.
    Has anyone been in contact with Cindy? How is she?

    • I am on the phone now setting up an account. $9.95 fee! you have to call 574 891 2100 and then get transferred a couple of times to the jail, then you have to set up an account. you can’t just go there.

      they will give him a message that I can call him. I’m going to try to figure out the email next.

      procedure: dial 574-891-2100.they answer, there’s along message, jail press 1, then it goes to the jail, inmate informatio, press 1, call transferred to inmate info system, you can do video visitation on anderoid,, then leave jail voice mail, then there’s a message, you can leave a credit card, $1.99 for voice mail, you don’t have to open an account. press 3 when your message is acceptable. It’s a real pain.

      plus a fee of $1.99 per month. what a bunch of jerks.

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