Justice 4 Every1, NFP — Rent Money Needed!

Justice 4 Every1 is desperately in need of rent money and is in imminent danger of eviction.  One tenant I am sharing space with is 85 and could not pay rent.  Another client that was to pay me $25,000 from the $287,000 that I got for him in probate refuses to pay because he wants to save the money to buy his own home back from the probate court so he and his mother are safe to live there.  Whether or not people pay me, I do not sue them.
Justice 4 Every1  has done great work in the past few years.  We have worked to remove Judge Stuart who lied at my trial and was part of fleecing the Mary Sykes estate of all it’s assets.  There was no jurisdiction in that case and Mary was never service with a Petition or Notice of Hearing.  Her elderly sisters were never served with the time, date and place of hearing.  Judge Stuart is gone.
Judge Kowamoto was the sitting judge when 99 year old Alice Gore was isolated from her family for 10 months, and then when 20+ friends and family came to see her, 29 gold teeth were pulled, and she had a feeding tube inserted at one end and a diaper at the other and she was being drugged heavily.  After publication of those facts, Judge Kowamoto would be gone in about 6 weeks for the terror she visited upon poor Alice Gore and Bev and Ken Cooper.
Currently, we are protecting activist Tim Lahrman with a barage of emails and phone calls (see our blog at www.MaryGSykes.com .  He has an important appellate brief up at the 7th circuit asking for help for disableds under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) when they are in foreclouse.  As many are aware, the foreclosure courts are a hotbed of corruption for robo signing, foreclosure despite timely payments, forced expensive insurance and a litany of fraudulent acts.  Currently we are drafting complaints for people trying to do Loan Modifications when they run into financial trouble, but the banks make it difficult to impossible to finish this process by “carouselling” documents, or they ask for repeated applications, financial forms and data, tax return copies, proof of employment, etc.  One client in particular, was “carouselled” by Ocwen for 8 years and then received a Notice of Foreclosure even though they never made him either an offer or a denial.
Another client, received a payment demand notice after he was 2 months behind, complied by sending a series of $5,000 checks, which they refused, and they filed foreclosure against him regardless (this was much more than the monthly payment and would have accellerated the payoff).
So much injustice, so few resources.  But in Tim’s case, we have got him a public defender and an arraignment date on Monday,  April 4, 2016, the City of Goshen having admitting our phone calls, faxes and letters moved up the hearing date from 2 weeks to 4 daysfor a disabled person.  (Something’s very fishy, a new arrest warrant was suddenly issued on 17 year old criminal complaints:  one for a broken license plate bolt and another for possession of MJ–well outside the state of limitations).
We now have a  team of about 25 wrongfully disciplined lawyers who regularly write letters, emails and faxes to protect civil and human rights.  If you know of any cases, we would be glad to help out, for free.  No other charity does that.  We have supported and fought for prisoners wrongfully imprisoned for months, we have demanded adequate food for them (one inmate was receiving one 6″ pizza per day as total food, so we faxed, emailed and filed a motion to “audit meals for all the prisoners” and the very next day he started receiving 3 MRE’s or ready to eat soldier meals of 2200 calories per day.  With our charity, no one is forgotten in prison or jail.
The work we do is important, and unlike most “protect the elderly” charities, we can show actual results with removal of corrupt judges and a return to law and procedure in the court rooms.
Please save our charity and our office space.  I can’t work out of my home, because my clients demand a highest level of privacy and the work is dangerous.  My car has been damaged (boxed in and heavy object thrown at windshield, sugar in the gas, being tailed, etc.)  Other probate activists have had their homes fire bombed, etc.
Thank you for your consideration.  We have a list of 20+ clients I and the charity have helped which I will link to.  We have about 25 honest and ethical attorneys disciplined, suspended and disbarred for doing nothing but speaking out for the little guy.  They too, are victims of court corruption.
Won’t you please help us retain our office space and continue to have the ability to quickly prepare and send out emails, faxes and calls to the authorities to protect your human rights and civil rights  Note, if you contact the ACLU, you will get a response of “we have too many clients to serve already and no help for you.”
But if you contact Justice4Every1, you will receive prompt, helpful service of court watchers, emails and faxes and phone calls to protect your human and civil rights.

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