The Fraud Business as usual–Billing Medicare multiple times for many drugs

To: Eric Holder <>, “FBI- ( (” <>,……
Subject: The HHS Inspector General report on hospice billing, released today, found Medicare was billed inappropriately for $268 million in 2012 for hospice general inpatient care.
Date: Apr 5, 2016 4:34 PM
The link that I underlined in yellow is another indication of the massive health care fraud that the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission administered by Jerome Larkin is attempting keep lawyers from making public.   The exposure of this fraud in the MaryGSykes blog warranted – according to the Illinois Supreme Court and Mr. Larkin — an interim suspension of one attorney followed by a three year suspension.   Just calling for an Honest Investigation of the Mary Sykes case was worth a four year law license suspension.    Of course, Seth Gillman’s participation in the Hospice fraud and admitted theft of medicare/medicaid funds does, not according to the IARDC warrant even disciplinary proceedings.   (He was indicted in Jan 2014 of $100 million in Medicare, Medicaid and Illinois Health Care Fund fraud, pled guilty to 3 counts last month, agreed to make restitution of the $100 million, and the IARDC has yet to discipline him.)
To the general public the question must have arisen as to why would the Illinois Supreme Court, Judges in secure positions, and lawyers who have clout would jeprodize their careers to steal a few dollars from the Medicare/Medicaid program on the backs of sick old people?    The answer is money.    In 2012 $268 million was billed inappropriately for hospice care.   It was estimated that the enterprises of Attorney Seth Gillman bilked the government out of a billion dollars.
Unfortunately this almost $300 million in theft from the government is chump change!  Once a guardian for profit gets involved in an elder cleansing program every dime of savings of the elderly victim is fair game and you can rest assurred will be stolen or redistributed to the guardian and/or his 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators.  With the help of a gullible public and dishonest political figures who are saving the social security of the elderly the miscreants obtain not only the social security payments, but pensions, trust funds etc.   In the Sykes case,  $3 million dollars was never inventoried.   In Gore $1.5 million dollars disappeared.  In Lydia Gore, $8 milion domestic.   In Wyman *******.    Answer 1:  there is ton of money available to be stolen with little or no consequences.   (Yes – these funds are taxable – but do you see Attorney General Lisa Madigan banging on Jerome Larkin’s door to collect the taxes that are due to the State of Illinois?   Larkin as a co-conspirator has joint and several liabilty!)
The last Illinois election provided another revelation.   Answer 2:   To be a Judge in Illinois requires a very substantial payment to the party organization (reported to now be $150,000)   It also take money to get elected.   Judge jobs pay well, but the investment may mean raiding college funds, retirement, or prevent the wife from getting a new Lexus.    Therefore, more than one judge is reported to be open to a little persuasion.   The Sykes jurist on page 90 and following of her evidence deposition admitted that she was wired!   The IARDC took the deposition and certainly read it, but ignored it as part of the cover-up.   To prevent further dissemination of their participation in the health care fraud, the IARDC and their co-conspirators have trashed the Illinois and the United States Constitution.    They openly misrepresented in presentations to the Court the SCOTUS case decisions.   For instance, to the Illinois Supreme Court, they represented an rejected argument in the Alvarez case and ignored the last pargraph of the Sawyer case.  (Alvarez held that even lies are protected by the First Amendment and in Sawyer the SCOTUS rejected sedition as a ground for lawyer discipline.)
The net net is if the USA desires to provide health care to the public it is going to have to enforce the law and put Jerome larkin and his co-conspirators out of business.   The guardianship laws, Americans With Disabilities, and the First Amendment will have to be more than laws on the books to placate  gadflies and assorted do-gooders.   The guardianship situation is per se a deprivation of civil rights!    It is justified on the basis of protecting the rights of the disabled person to participate as fully as possible in the American experience.   New flash!   being a non-person who is routinely exploited, abused and deprived of the rights of citizens is not the American experience.
We need instanter an HONEST INVESTIGATION  of this serious corruption.   We cannot wait until ******* is President!

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