Tim Lahrman, disabled rights activist jailed on 17 year old warrants has been released!

Keep on with the faxes, phone calls and emails.

I have no idea how he was arrested and jailed on 17 year old criminal complaints against him (one for a broken license plate holder and one for possession of MJ) since the statute of limitations has expired, but I am glad he is safe at home.

And I want to thank all of you out there for your faxes, phone calls and emails for his safety and release from jail.  Tim is a hero and does not belong in jail.

He is currently fighting at the 7th circuit for the rights of all disableds to have special accommodations in foreclosure cases. We must support and aide those efforts in every way we can.

Thanks again.

PS – below is Ken Ditkowsky’s synopsis of the case.  It is correct

I could not reach Tim to respond to this e-mail –  I heard about the 6 AM court hearing     In my 53 years in the practice of law the earliest that I ever had a Court hearing was 8:30 A.M.    We did by agreement try a case at the end of term time to 2:00 AM.      
Let’s put all this into perspective.    The matter that Tim is wrongfully in jail for is 17 years old plus.    It is a misdemeanor.    No bail has been set – (Constitutional Violation).     Whomever the public defender is is either incompetent or disinterested.    The PD has a duty to the client.   Apparently, this PD could care less.   (I will inquire if a malpractice action is feasible ).    What apparently happened in Court was another Constitutional violation – 6th Amendment.     The delay is a clear violation of the right to a speedy trial. (violation 3).
Lets go a step back.   By herculean efforts Attorney CS and Journalist JP were able to obtain copies of the court file.    It appears that the 17 year old charges were kept alive by a highly suspect proceeding – an exparte trial.    Tim was not present.   Of course there are some jurisdictional problems, to wit:  Tim was declared incompetent and a guardian was appointed for him.    A plead of innocent was entered.     There is a serious question of jurisdiction!    It does not appear that the trial court actually considered that issue.
The file shows a crime lab report.    That report creates the reasonable doubt that required the Court to sua sponde dismiss the charges.     The report finds that whatever substance that they were given to examine was Marijuana.    Marijuana is a plant.    Possession of a plant is not against the law, the crime is if the plant contains a barred or controlled substance.   Every mariner has possession of this plant – it is called hemp and its makes a very fine grade of rope.     There is no finding as to any controlled or banned substance being found.
The fact that Tim is reported to have missed the hearing is irrelevant.   The JUDGE had an absolute duty to protect Tim’s rights.    When the element of a controlled or banned substance was not proven by proof beyond a reasonable doubt the Judge pursuant to his duty and oath of office had to sua sponde dismiss the proceedings and order remediation of the whatever damages Tim might have suffered.
Of course – the 6th amendment required Tim’s PD to be present – the failure of the PD to move for a dismissal based upon the finding of Tim’s incompetence and upon the lack of a controlled substance/banned substance was INEFFECTIVE COUNSEL.    The vacation of any warrant is per se mandatory.    In a similar manner the prosecuting attorney breached his duty.   The job of a prosecutor is not to convict – it is to see justice was done and therefore knowing that he could not prove that the controlled substance/banned substance was present he was required to dismiss the proceedings.
Looking at the present  – 17 year old warrants for misdemeanors cannot be renewed .   Everyone is aware that prosecution of stale misdemeanors is wrongful and a denial of equal protection of the law – the law enforcement people have dishonored themselves by even arresting Tim.   The Judge, the prosecutor and the PD all had a duty to protect Tim’s rights.    It is apparent that they chose not to do so.
As Tim has been declared a disabled person, it is assumed that the local authorities are aware that the holding of Tim, and his continued incarceration are all violate the Americans With Disabilities Act.    Tim is entitled to a reasonable accommodation.   Appointment of PD who is not available is not appropriate or reasonable.   The holding of a citizen in jail under these conditions is outrageous and unAmerican.    
PUrsuant to Rule 8.3, 18 USCA 4,  I have reported this terrible situation to the Justice Department.   The Justice Department administers the ADA.    I ‘ve also reported the violation of 18 USCA 241,242 42 USCA 1983.    (The Goshen Indiana authorities have also been informed).     
What has happened to Tim Lahrman is terrible and a serious violation of his (and our) Civil and Human Rights.     It cannot be unanswered.    I urge you and all your friends to realize that what Happened to Tim could happen to you, unless we sent a strong message.    I leave it to each person who is on this thread to instanter make at least on positive action in support of the Constitution of the United States of America.   
I’ve urged in e-mails the local law enforcement to do their jobs and protect Mr. Lahrman’s civil and human rights and mitigate the damages that have been caused.    
Ken Ditkowsky

8 thoughts on “Tim Lahrman, disabled rights activist jailed on 17 year old warrants has been released!

    • You are right, there was some confustion because a couple of people called on wellness checks and were told he was out and apparently he is still there, so please keep up the faxes, emails and phone calls

  1. I called today, April 6, 2016 and at the Elkhart County Jail Phone number: 574-891-2100 – it notes that Tim is still in custody, there is no date for release, his hearing is not until 4-11-2016 at 11 am. On the jail phone there are selections to pay $1.99 to leave a voice mail message and also a selection to fund Tim so he can call out.

    Tim has helped many – is anyone helping him? What can be done to help him?

  2. Response from Shannon Marks as to the whereabouts of Tim Lahrman:

    I cannot answer your question. This office can only respond to a request made to the City of Goshen for access to a public record that has been identified with reasonable particularity. The whereabouts of Mr. Lahrman is not a public document.

    I can provide you with copies of the documents from the Goshen City Court file concerning Mr. Lahrman upon receipt of payment in the amount of $14.65. The City of Goshen’s standard charge for copies of these documents (82 pages) is 10 Cents per page plus postage of $6.45. Your check or money order should be made payable to “City of Goshen” and forwarded to my attention at the address below. I will also need your address so I can mail you the documents.
    Thank you,
    Shannon Marks
    Legal Compliance Administrator
    204 East Jefferson Street, Suite 2
    Goshen, Indiana 46528
    Phone: (574) 534-9508
    Fax: (574) 537-3817

    Email: shannonmarks@goshencity.com
    From: Redacted….
    Sent: Wednesday, April 6, 2016 3:52 PM
    To: Marks, Shannon
    Subject: Tim Lahrman
    Dear Ms. Marks,
    Could you please provide information on the whereabouts of Tim Lahrman? If you have him in custody – I would like your phone number to be able to reach you concerning his circumstance.
    I have been attempting to reach him for a number of days and am concerned for his health and safety.
    I would appreciate all information you have about Mr. Lahrman under FOIA rights.

    • I received a phone call this morning from the jail in Indiana. As there was no message left – other than a phone number I called it. I was connected to their money pay function… extortion to find the whereabouts or speak to someone who just disappeared from the face of the earth.

      After several attempts to work the jail’s technology (who wants to give your information – including credit card #, address, name and phone to a jail?)… however, I have tried several times to be able to speak to Tim and let him know we are behind him (even if we can’t find where behind is). Here’s a shock… the automated system kept blocking me at my name.

      So… I looked up Tim’s history of criminal misdemeanors. Finding 1990 and 1994 horrible crimes such as a seat belt violation, or dropped charges. Having been the target of false reports of a criminal trespass – a dropped charge is really no charge because there’s no basis for it.

      What was very concerning to me is that Tim does not have any current information I could find on the public court database system. No record of his being arrested, trial date, or anything!

      I do believe sometimes documents are missing due to human error… unintended hopefully.

      Now, I have sent another letter to Ms. Marks. Complaining of the inability to access Tim through their faulty technology, failure of public records to identify his status or location, etc.

      Is Tim out? Can someone please give a current 4-10-2016 status of where he is?


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