More on Tim Lahrman and his Friends for Justice

To: Andy Ostrowski <>, ‘Candice Schwager’ <>…………………………………..
Subject: Re: LAHRMAN v. SCHEIBENBERGER, CAUSE NO: 3:08-CV-354-RM. (N.D. Ind. Aug 14, 2008) | Casetext
Date: Apr 1, 2016 11:39 AM
Tim, years ago was pushed out his business by his brother.  The brother recognized that litigation would be long and costly so he arranged for Tim to be declared incompetent and have a guardian appointed for him.   Tim was never incompetent, nor was he insane.   Like the bunch of us he marched to his own drummer.    More importantly he made money.   Such was the incentive.

In the 1990’s apparently Tim had a Marijuana arrest.   He used the incompetency as a sword and a shield.   He had done this successfully before to the absolute horror of his guardian and his brother.    The guardian was well clouted and resented the fact that when Tim had a problem with the authorities he pointed out that X was his guardian and the authorities ought to speak to the guardian.

This old case apparently was out there when Tim used the guardianship last year to defend a mortgage foreclosure suit and the unfair procedures.    The net was this exposed a powerful and clout heavy member of the political elite’s (judicial elite) past.   No matter how you slice it stealing money and misusing the Courts is a felony and when covered up an ongoing felony.    Tim is well written and relentless and therefore he had to be shut up.     

Therefore, as is common the miscreants use their clout to accomplish illegal ends.   They dug up the old Marijuana charge (and driving with suspended license) both misdemeanors and arrested Tim.  They apparently figured that a month or so in the City jail would either push Tim over the edge or convince him to lay off.   The charges are 17 years old and clearly wrongful.    As Tim was helping many in their battles with the elder cleansers when he suddenly disappeared from the scene Rosanne started making inquiries and found out that Tim was in jail.   Candy and Janet both jumped into the picture and started a mini=hue and cry that is going on today.    They raised the Americans With Disabilities Act and the FBI and the Justice Department notified as to the discrimination against a disabled person.

Amongst the complaints that have been raised are:

1) the complaint is stale – and the warrants issued stale
2) the underlying proceedings are clearing unconstitutional and highly discriminatory  – more important the laboratory report does not find the chemical substance that make Marijana illegal and subject to regulation.   Rope is not a item that is prohibited by law.  Hemp rope is very expensive.
3) Tim’s current civil and human rights are being violated – i.e. no bail hearing, no public defender appointed  – it appears that at 6:00 AM in a hurriedly call hearing the Judge finally appointed a PD (Thursday) who is disinterested in even meeting with Tim
4) Tim has not been given a reasonable accommodation, his guardian, who is believed not have filed a final account, is ignoring the proceeding – except to possibly promulgate it.

Tim is not law trained but he has good instincts.  The local legal eagles figured to have one of the trained shrinks who is programmed to parrot whatever the prevailing wind requires was to be enlisted.    Then using the parrotted testimony they intended to get the guardian off the hook = sans the accounting.   Tim refused to allow this to happen, ergo, these proceedings lingered for 17 plus years!
This is another example of the elder cleansing scenario and the protection that it is afforded in the Courts.   Elder Cleansing is one of the most lucrative and fastest growing cottage industries in America.

I hope this answers your question Andy.    (The facts recited are based upon my personal analysis and are subject to revision as further information is received)

Ken Ditkowsky

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