Sidney Powell’s Book Licensed to Lie–problems in FBI

Sidney Powell Discusses New Book “Licensed to Lie” on Chad Hasty Show

Former assistant attorney Sidney Powell, appeared on the Chad Hasty Show to discuss her new book Licensed to Lie that exposed corruption in the US Department of Justice through true stories and personal accounts.

Before becoming an author, Sidney Powell was a federal prosecutor for more than ten years in the U.S. justice system for three different districts and nine district attorneys covering both republican and democrat parties.

In the book, which she describes as a legal thriller, Powell discusses the corruption she personally witnessed while involved in the U.S. justice system and what she calls “cruel, illegal, and unethical” practices being used by prosecutors in the  Justice Department.

“It’s a book a prayed I’d never have to write- I did have to write it, because despite ten years of litigation, basically. . . we could not get the system to work like it should have. And injustice is something I have no tolerance for.”

With the new book, Powell hopes to bring national attention to the wide-spread corruption of the U.S. Justice Department. In the interview, Powell discussed the various cases that she covers in her book that demonstrate wide spread corruption in high profile court cases. She also explained how the book covers the extreme and devastating personal tolls that federal criminal prosecution can have on individuals and families involved.

She accounts her attempts to meet with various Department of Justice officials such as Attorney General Eric Holder, to try and bring those responsible for corruption to justice, but Holder is said to have ultimately ignored her, despite previous promises that Holder was going to clean up the department. When recalling interactions with Holder on a specific case, Powell said,

“I went to DC for a meeting with his[Holder] subordinates. . . he refused to meet with us, of course. . . They treated us with such hostility in the meeting that it was clear nothing was going to be done about it.”


Powell also discusses an important legislative bill brought to the U.S. Congress back in 2012, called the Fairness and Disclosure of Evidence Act.  She says that despite wide-spread support of the bill by many organizations, it’s been pending in Congress for years only because the Justice Department openly opposes it. She also said the current politicization of the U.S. Justice Department is the worst she’s seen, and that it may be the most corrupt in American history.

“I just think the truth has to be told. The only way to make this country better is to face the truth, identify what our mistakes are and correct them. . . You’ve got to own up to whatever is wrong and fix it.”

Sidney Powell will have a book signing event at the Barnes and Noble in the South Plains Mall in Lubbock today, May 28th from 3:00p.m. to 6:00p.m. At the event, Powell will sign copies of her book that are purchased and answer questions.

For more information on Sidney Powell and her new book, visit her website.

Listen to the full interview:

(Click on the link to be taken to the interview and see what’s really up with the DOJ and why it seems that they’re not listening to the uproad on this blog, NASGA, Catherine Falk, Probate Sharks, etc.
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