Protecting the Disabled–a Cry for help and Tim Lahrman

As many of you are aware by now, Tim Lahrman, a champion for the disabled who has written scores of pleadings for people victimized by corrupt courts and with no place to turn because they take all the victim’s money, has been picked up by the Indiana police for 17 year old warrants and a DSL or driving on a suspended license.

We have heard that 17 years ago, he was arrested for an MJ charge he never showed up for, well, it’s been 17 years and the limitations period is over.  Even if that is not true, the reality is, most states have medical MJ so if Tim is using that to self medicate depression, again, who cares.  It is well known right now that MJ is an excellent treatment for pain, seizures, depression, anorexia, cancer and a whole host of medical conditions and that is why most likely it was banned.

Tim needs our support right now.  I’m not sure how the State of Indiana can pick up someone who is a ward of the state and then not contact the guardian and not have the guardian present during an arraignment and all hearings. That is what a guardian is for because Tim is  legally a non entity.  The State of Indiana has not done that.  Pretty much, his guardian hasn’t shown up for anything and he lingers in jail because the State doesn’t know what to do with a ward of the state.

And if you don’t think that screwing up people’s human and civil rights never happens in the US, take a look at this case:

and my favorite, an Oregon man held for 900 days without commiting any crime whatsoever:

Please write, call and hound the authorities to release him on his old warrant and get the guardian to do his job and get Tim out of there.

Tim recently filed briefs at the 7th circuit to demand ADA compliance for persons facing foreclosure and give them more time and more assistance with their cases.  He is a known activist, and like Bettie Jones, the activist from Chicago, shot in the neck “accidentally” by the police, we want to keep him safe.

Everyone pretty much knows that being an activist in this field is dangerous.  There are a lot of people who don’t want to shut off the money stream and/or go to prison.  Many of you have voiced your concern for Tim being picked up on a bogus, outdated warrant was due to the fact that to provide assistance to the elderly and disabled during foreclosures would cost the banks dearly and they don’t want that.

Tim wrote a  great brief so let’s make sure he stays safe.  Phone numbers and more information is below:

Dear Mr. Maley,
The saga of Tim Lehrman is well known in your county as one of the dark moments.   It started with a business take=over.   Rather than use the conventional method of dissolving a partnership, Mr. Lahrman’s partner used a version of the Chicago method.   Using clout and a little grease Tim was declared incompetent.  A guardian was appointed and the business was sold.  When the economic incentive disappeared the guardian abandoned his ward without a properly noticed finally accounting and an order terminating the guardianship and restoring Tim to being a “person.”     
Thus, Tim became the youngest person to be ‘elder cleansed.’   Stripped of his substantial estate, Tim fought to protect the elderly and the disabled from similar outrages such as he was and is enduring.
About a week ago, friends who Tim had assisted in resisting the American Holocaust and the great American cover=up once again was victimized.   He was picked up by the local police department on what appears to be illegal warrants relating to offenses that occurred 17 years ago.   As Tim at all times relevant has been a resident of the county, it is obvious to us that 18 USCA 241, 242, 371 were violated (see also 42 USCA 1983).   The details of Tim’s incarceration are still being investigated but we do know that Tim was seized, placed in jail, denied competent counsel, denied bail, and denied the reasonable accommodations required under the Americans With Disabilities Act.   (The fact that Tim is competent means nothing as the Indiana Court has corruptly declared him to be incompetent)
We have appealed to the local authorities to do what is right and to re-mediate what appears to be a serious assault on Tim’s Constitutional Rights.
For you information, I’ve copied a portion of the blog MaryGSykes, to wit:

Why is Tim Lahrman a “disabled adult” in Indiana–read his press release!

Posted on  January 22, 2015
Tim Lahrman is one of the most intelligent, thinking and philosophical persons I know.  His cognitive skills are excellent and have been through the many years that I and others have known him.  But, back when he was young, he built up a very successful and profitable electrnoics business.  He ran it successfully.  Bad news for him, he had an evil greedy brother with an evil greedy attorney and a rubber stamping court. So despite his prowess and business accumen, that meant nothing to a probate judge and next thing he knows, at approx. age 21, he is stamped a “disabled adult”, primarily due to the fact that the court was told he uses cannibis setiva for recreational purposes.  Now coming to the age when medical marijuana is starting to become a right and a recognized and effective treatment and cure for problems from depression and anxiety to cancer, and it it generally perceived as quite safe in use, the faud on the court of Tim Larhman being adjuicated disabled is fairly absurd and bespeaks very little about the Indiana probate system as being a massive, decades long fraud on the court.  Since his brother stripped every dime out of that business, together with court connected attorneys, and drove the business into the ground quickly,   Tim has dedicated his life to writing briefs, complaints, grievances and other advocacy items for probate victims and their terrorized families.
Recently, he has filed an Americans With Disabilities complaint in Federal Court in Indiana, an excellent pleading that even many highly skilled attorneys would be jealous of.  I will try to publish the complaint so that it helps other court victims in similar situations.
Here is his intelligent, well written Press Relase concerning his case.  Whatever the
State of Indiana thinks about him is “disabled” is light years from reality.  It bespeaks the ramapant corruption of probate laws when used in probate court where black can be white and all the judges and court connected attorneys will pat themselves on the back making such a superior agreement between themselves.
Tim L. and I am here to say the corruption of probate law usage has no clothes.
January 21, 2015
Not many people want to be named in a lawsuit but such is not the case for Elkhart County resident Tim Lahrman — he has sued to be included. That’s right, he has sued because he wants to be sued and in an odd twist of justice Lahrman, who is disabled, has sued the Elkhart County Superior Court No. 2 (Stephen R. Bowers, Judge) for excluding him from participating in an ongoing lawsuit involving Lahrman’s Elkhart home and residence of twenty-two-plus (22+) years.
Title II of the Americans’ With Disabilities Act 1990* (“ADA”) prohibits state and local governments from discriminating against the disabled and excluding the disabled from an equal opportunity to access, participate in, benefit from and effectively communicate with, any of the “services, programs and activities” of a public entity – the state and local courts included. In a 2011 Title II ADA case involving the City of LaPorte, U.S. District Court Chief Judge Robert L. Miller, Jr. agreed with those disabled plaintiffs, who were suing over access to city sidewalks, and found that “everything government does is a program, service and activity of a public entity.” The ADA is not so completely one-sided however and there are exceptions and affirmative defenses recognized by the ADA which in fact limit a public entity’s liability under the ADA but, by and large, the U.S. Supreme Court has said, “[I]n sum, Title II requires … special accommodations for disabled persons in virtually every interaction they have with the State.”
Filed on January 20, 2015 in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Indiana, South Bend Division, Lahrman’s lawsuit did not stop with just Judge Bowers and the Elkhart Superior Court No. 2, Lahrman likewise sued the Elkhart County Circuit Court and Judge Terry Shewmaker who Lahrman says in his lawsuit – excluded Lahrman, because of his disability, from equal access to participate in equally, benefit equally from and effectively communicate equally effectively with, the services programs and activities of the public entity Elkhart County Circuit Court. The lawsuit also names defendant the Chief Judge of the Indiana Court of Appeals, the State of Indiana, the Office of Indiana Attorney General and the Indiana Supreme Court Division of State Court Administration which, according to Lahrman’s lawsuit, “serves the public in a consumer protection capacity by administratively regulating Indiana attorneys and judges so as to ensure for the Indiana public an educationally qualified and professionally competent judiciary” – a responsibility that according to Lahrman the state of Indiana as a public entity is failing miserably where disability discrimination and ADA compliance are involved.
In the ninety-plus (90+) page federal lawsuit filed by Lahrman who has no attorney and is appearing pro se in representation of himself, in addition to the Title II disability discrimination claims against state and local public entities Lahrman also sued the Federal National Mortgage Association (“Fannie Mae”), Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC and Green Tree Servicing LLC (as successors of GMAC Mortgage LLC) for; violations of the Fair Housing Act; violations of both
federal and state consumer protection laws; and, as relating to Fannie Mae, for violations of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act 2008 (“HERA”).
The case of Timothy J. Lahrman v. Elkhart County Superior Court No. 2, Stephen R. Bowers, Judge, et al. [Case No. 3:15-cv-026] will be one worth watching for it may well have far reaching implications for both the community of disabled individuals and American homeowners all across the nation. Residing quietly in the Michiana community since 1989 Lahrman has dedicated his retired life to the study and research of both the history and law of guardianship/conservatorship. Lahrman is among the nation’s leading advocates working for reform and accountability in the law and practice of guardianship/conservatorship which according to Lahrman is an experience he would not wish on his own worst enemy. According to Lahrman more than a million American adults are under guardianship/conservatorship is every state in the country and in ever y state in the country families are crying foul – just as are the shareholders in Fannie Mae crying foul — about the conservatorships/guardianships that are so negatively impacting the lives of millions of Americans.
Pursuant to 18 USCA 4 I have forwarded the information concerning the Tim Lahrman affair to the Justice Department and the Federal Law Enforcement authorities (FBI).

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Would Someone answer Mark Maley Please-
 Read below the email I just received FYI
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I would be nice if someone told us what this is about….
Mark Maley
Elkhart Truth
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Subject: Public Records
From Roanna –
Subject: RE: Did you see this? Re: Tim L. media contacts from your list Rosanna. Here is what I found. All here!
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2016 12:43:56 -0400
OK FOLKS make those phones light up, see below… Call everyday ask why we were refused public records. This is the way it is done. Thanks Cynthia for the leg work!!!! If we did this for Dad he would be alive today. I guarantee it.
Remember the battle of Athens???? Or the Hangman????
BTW so far I PICK Tim, Linda, Candice, Cynthia, Pete, Keith, Kev, Ginny (and other et.als) to be on MY team. 
The other team can have Gloria….lol…..
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