Good news on Tim Lahrman–disability rights activist

>> Tim is in great spirits!  The email I received indicated that he was in court at 6am with the public defender, whom had not previously even met him and knew nothing about his disabilities or the case. so she was admonished or instructed to go meet with her client and prepare for the next hearing April 11. She is apparently going on vacation tomorrow?  Tim said sucks to be her and the joke was on her when  the judge suggested she best meet with Tim BECAUSE OF ALL OF THE LETTERS THEY HAVE RECEIVED AND PHONE CALLLS OF INDIVIDUALS WANTING TO KNOW ABOUT HIS WELLBEING.
>> from Tim “jackassery at its finest”  We move forward.
>> Candice L. Schwager
>> T: 832.315.8489
>> F: 832.514.4738

3 thoughts on “Good news on Tim Lahrman–disability rights activist

  1. Hi Everyone.
    Spoke to Cindy and Tim today. It appears that Tim was in “the hole” for 8 days after his public defender refused to defend him. Details matter in sending mail, money, and I am having the hardest time with using the jail’s user unfriendly means of communications. Tim sent an e-mail link and AOL doesn’t let me link – nor does the internet. Has anyone else had difficulties setting up contacts? Cindy said it took 11 days for him to receive mail from her.
    Tim seems anxious to get out. Obviously…
    Are there any updates on whether anyone is making contact to get him out?

    I really feel that a consecutive two year sentence for a traffic misdemeanor (for which no good reason was given for pulling him over) in another person’s vehicle in which a stump of a marijuana cigarette was found is warranted or just. It is also quite the money making enterprise the jail has. Do you know that socks cost $8, $10 gets you pen piece of paper and stamp/envelope to send snail mail, to talk to Tim is $1 a minute…. This is really nothing more than a scam to enrich public jails. When they have to go back 17 years to fill their for profit jails – it is time to re-evaluate the real reasons we are putting so many Americans behind bars.

    Cruel and unusual punishment and very damaging to a person who has been placed under guardianship for disabilities – don’t you think Indiana?

    We should start a petition…. Free Tim Lahrman!

    • I still fax the Public Defender, the City of Goshen Legal Dept, the Office of the Prosecuting Atty, the Elkhart Police Dept and the FBI every day.

      I did not know those facts, but will put them in there.

      If we start a petition, I will fax that too. Any other ideas?


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