Unbelievable–shocking report that Ohio is running T4 programs in hospice


If you take a look at this police report you will find out that the Ohio police are refusing to do tox screens on elderly people in “hospice”. They claim that excessive amounts of drugs that kill the people are required to “alleviate suffering.” That is absolutely utter nonsense.  Drug limits are put in place to protect people while at the same time providing pain relief.  It is a violation of the license of doctors and nurses to give patients excessive psychotropic drugs to “alleviate suffering and pain.”  The FDA controls what drugs and how much of the drugs may be given to these patients.  Only a court may order that food and hydration may be with held to kill a person — ever.

Take for example, the Michael Jackson case.  It is reported he was in great pain, he had severe sleep disorders and his doctor was giving Propofol–a drug never used outside a hospital, it is a strong sedative.  The following wiki page documents the entire case:


Michael Jackson was obviously a beloved celebrity so the police had to do the right thing or the public outcry would have been deafening.

But an elderly, unknown person in guardianship–Sykes, Claire Miller, Tyler, Drabik, Frake, etc. are just people to target, drain the estate and eliminate.

Claire Miller was obviously put to death under Ohio’s new T-4 program (T-4 is the program Hitler used to kill deformed, babies, children and then the mentally, and then he went on to kill  ****.  The T-4 program is reported on this blog in another post in greater detail and on Wiki).

Michael Jackson’s doctor was sentenced to 4 years of incarceration for involuntary manslaughter when he was blatantly using a hospital grade sedative Propofol, to treat Jackson’s pain and sleep disorder without the appropriate precautions, treatment standards, safety equipment and protocol–as determined by the FDA for dispensing such a drug.

Why is it that Michael Jackson’s death matter, but not that of Claire Miller?  How is it that the Ohio police are running what is in essence a T-4 program for the elderly and disabled without court orders and denying loved ones tox screens and investigations. Roseanne Miller believes that her father was murdered by the lawyers and judge in her father’s case.  I would like to know the difference between this linked police report and Hitler’s T-4 program.

Elderly lives do matter and that is not how a free, open and civilized democracy is supposed to function.

Gloria Sykes and others have asked the authorities for a tox screen in her mother’s death.  So far no action.  Bev Cooper has asked for a tox screen in her mother’s death when she was narcotized to death, after having a feeding tube implanted against her will, being forced into a nursing home 30 miles from her beloved daughter’s home because the name Es**** was on it, then 29 gold teeth were pulled and not inventoried.

These demands have been made to the authorities.

How is it Jackson’s doctor can be convicted, autopsies and tox screens done, but not for a 94 year old and a 99 year old widow?

These women were important too and beloved by their children, friends and family.

Nope, not Michael Jackson, but still beloved and cherished.


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