An open email to the ABA. Clean up your act. The public is disgusted.

To: ABA Member Service <>, Atty Ken Ditkowsky <>, “Mr. Lanre Amu — honest atty unfairly persecuted by ARDC” <>, Atty Barbara Stone <>, Eliot Bernstein <>, Attorney Jeffrey Norkin <>, Atty Dean Loren <>,, Atty Mark Adams blog fan <>, Atty Richard Fine blog fan <>, “” <>, Katherine Hine blog fan <>, “” <>, Atty Andy Aostrowski <>, “” <>, “” <>
Subject: Re: Email Confirmation
Date: Feb 20, 2016 2:25 AM
This is to confirm my email to your offices in which I stated the following:

I desire to become a free member of the ABA.  I am an attorney who has been suspended in Illinois from the practice of law for 3 years for blogging about corruption.
When the decision regarding my discipline was announced on your website, nearly 100% of the people who posted a comment did so in my favor. They recognize that the legal profession today has sunk to a new low and does not strive toward Truth and Justice as it should be doing.  What was your response, but to remove nearly 80% of the postings under the thinly veiled and totally fake assertions that those posts did not meet and/or violated your “guidelines for posting” when in fact this was a public outcry–an important public outcry which your offices ignored and even covered up.
My work is primarily in probate where senior citizens are routinely subject to the following:  “target, isolate, medicate, drain the estate, narcotize to eliminate and cremate”.  I see nothing on your website that discusses these issues.  In fact, I see nothing on your website that discusses the issues of corruption in the courts.  Poor Mary Sykes died, being narcotized to death when her money ran out–most of which went to attorney fees and nursing home fees–something she rallied against in her advance directives. The ABA should have a corruption blog, not me.
My blog, (named after a thoroughly competent woman who was narcotized to death under the “honorable” auspices of the Cook County Probate court system), discusses corruption and how to solve it and more.  The other probate blogs and websites have rallied against these horrific crimes perpetrated by attorneys and judges (NASGA,,, etc.)
The public is utterly disgusted and has had enough of the fact the legal profession (including the ABA, the CBA and the ISBA) covers up all of these crimes and gives free unfettered reign to those that seriously negate all efforts toward Truth and Justice and Honor in the legal “profession.”
We are demanding that you run a corruption blog, have a corruption section and teach what attorneys in the US should and must do in the face of unfettered corruption in the courts.
The time to cover up and continue to run a systematic “code of silence” regarding strings of felonies in the court is long over. The internet has ended that system once and forever.  People know and people talk on the internet.
I was promised when I went to law school that I could enter a courtroom and be assured Truth and Justice to the maximum permitted measure.  I was betrayed. The public has been betrayed.
I took and oath to defend the US and Illinois Constitutions, which I still believe in. The public believes in their state constitutions and the US Constitution.
It is time for the ABA to acknowledge that it has been wrong in the past and to make amends with the victimized US citizens who depend upon Truth and Justice in US courtrooms.
To give myself, Kenneth Ditkowsky, Lanre Amu and dozens of other attorneys free membership until this problem is recognized and abated would go far to instilling your Honor and Integrity in what your organization was and should be about.
JoAnne Denison
PS – I didn’t even mention that shameful 60 minutes report where 12 of of 13 New York attorneys slathered at the mouth when presented with the opportunity to help launder millions of dollars in foreign official bribes, clearly violating the Corrupt Foreign Practices Act, including ABA president Greg Coleman.  I think Ken and I and Lanre would do well to pay a visit to him to explain what he did wrong.  Only the 13th attorney flatly refused to get involved in an international scheme to launder bribe money.  One out of 13 attorneys clearly indicates that something seriously is wrong with the ABA and the New York Bar Association and the plethora of US law school producing such trash and poor excuses for lawyers.

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