Robert Grundstein Write on Corruption in US courts system

Washington State Bar Office of Disciplinary Counsel Allegedly Conceals Evidence and Obstructs Justice Against Attorney Member Who Exposed Ohio Corruption

“You don’t make any money if you tell the truth in court. You have to lie or you lose your credibility.” Washington State Bar (WSBA) member Robert Grundstein chose to expose the truth, and his opinion as stated herein can also be purchased on Amazon.

Vendetta: Cleveland Ohio and America’s Archipelago of Legal Failure

{ Mr. Grundstein writes:
What should be a matter of national concern has been under publicized among a population of over-educated salesmen (aka, attorneys). These pale conventionalists from Washington State have embraced fear and the failure of American Constitutional culture in exchange for income. The purveyor of this fear is Office of Disciplinary counsel and their staff of third rate minds and 9th rate characters.

The history of Disciplinary counsel is curious. As part of the State Bar, it is a state agency created by statute but is run and controlled by the Supreme Court. It used to be staffed by one or two representatives, but after the docket of complaints grew in the late 1980s and early 90s, the office was increased on an ad hoc basis. The accumulated files of complaints were administered but then there was nothing to do. The attorneys hired by Disciplinary Counsel were second- rate attorneys no one else wanted and who had no lateral mobility. Remember, in the Public Sector, stupid is better. So, the office adopted an agenda to maintain itself and now has 35 employees who are charged with finding fault and extorting legal fees from people it targets; under the protection of the WA Supreme Court.

The irony is staggering and should induce existential nausea in everyone other than Joseph Stalin and Pol Pot. The WA Supreme Court is charged with reviewing cases administered by the business it runs, and the WSBA Office of Disciplinary Counsel is a business. Every year, scores of attorneys (almost exclusively sole practitioners) are charged by the bar. A common scenario is for the Bar to over-prosecute and then to negotiate with the targeted attorney for a lesser disposition in exchange for attorney fees to the bar for every activity it conducted against the attorney and the waiver of a hearing. Average amounts for a settled dispute without hearing (Admonition/suspension, etc.) are five to seven thousand dollars. That’s several hundred thousand to the Bar every year.

If you choose to go to hearing, the initial hearing will be conducted by the Bar and a Hearing officer it chose using rules it wrote in cooperation with the state Supreme Court. The initial determination to proceed against you is made by a Bar committee. Your first administrative review will be before a panel chosen by the Bar. Your final appeal will be before the WA Supreme Court which is asked to judge a Respondent who provides income to the business the Supreme Court administers in the event penalties are confirmed.

Can anyone say Separation of Powers? This is the type of conflict for which Bar brings charges on a regular basis.

It’s a fact of life that maintenance values are stronger than moral values and anyone who challenges the bar is punished. Attorney Karen Unger was pursued for over two years. It cost her between 70 and 80 thousand dollars to defend against bad charges which were finally dismissed by a hearing officer who said “there is nothing here” and added that Bar appeared to have sequestered evidence in Unger’s favor. That hearing officer was never used again. An attorney named Schaefer was disciplined for exposing a judge who took bribes. Anton Miller was disciplined for writing a satirical poem about the WA Supreme Court.

In 2006, the ABA did a study on attorney discipline in WA State. It ordered the bar to get discipline out of the state bar and said “the fox was in charge of the hen-house”. This was disregarded.
Robert Grundstein Suits in Washington and Vermont Federal Courts. See 12-35792 (9th circuit) and 13 CV 300 (Vermont Fed. District)

Grundstein is a resident of Vermont who had been on inactive WA status for over a decade. He came to the attention of the bar after he published an editorial about a corrupt judge in Ohio. This judge was subsequently removed from office during the FBI raids in Cleveland, Ohio. Prior to the raids, a vendetta was pursued against Grundstein and perjured charges were brought against him. The prosecutor, judge, county sheriff and even the docket clerk connected to his case were removed from office. The prosecutor, sheriff and docket clerk were imprisoned.

Bar knew of this happenstance in 2007 and chose to not pursue charges. Grundstein spoke with the head of ODC, Douglas Ende and explained what was going on in Ohio. 4 years later, bar changed its mind and decided to bring charges. The Complaint asked for probation. Grundstein sued to enjoin the hearing in Federal Court since he claimed there was no venue or jurisdiction in WA State and that WA case law insisted the Bar must bring an action within one year of the time it learns of an offense. (there is no statute of limitations for bar actions!)

At hearing, bar amended its Complaint to ask for disbarment. This violates every rule on Due Process there is. The Complaint is not a moving target.

After hearing, it removed all Grundstein exculpatory evidence from the record. Bar engaged in obstruction of justice, spoliation of evidence, fraud and federal and state crimes. The evidence included letters of recommendation and decisive exhibits in his favor. There were 42 in all. The Bar claimed Grundstein didn’t submit any evidence, even though it was entered over 80 pages of transcript and provided to bar before, during and after hearing again. When asked about “Brady v Maryland”, the bar said “Brady” rights didn’t apply to the Bar.

The Hearing Officer (Lisa Hammel of “Williams and Williams”; principal, Kinnon Williams is on the State Bar Judicial Selection Committee) permitted this to happen and refused to hold Linda Eide, Office of Disciplinary Counsel prosecutor, responsible.

Grundstein filed for an appeal to the Supreme Court within 18 days. The Supreme Court would not hear an appeal despite the fact that its rules allow 30 days to file and that WA State is one of the few states whose Constitution guarantees the right of appeal.

To expose the criminal behavior of the State Bar, Linda Eide, Lisa Hammel and the entire structure, Grundstein sued in the W. District of WA and Vermont. The W. District of WA abstained. As it turns out, the judge made his career in King county and refused to embarrass the partisan relations of a politicized judiciary. Vermont should be an entirely different scenario.

Fascism does not necessarily include concentration camps, racism and shrill rhetoric. It’s the combination of political, economic and legal power in a small group of people only accountable to themselves. The judiciary becomes and interest group and rules on the basis of income distribution among favored people and the maintenance of professional status. This is worst where the judges are elected. WA State is one of only 4 states which has no limits on judge campaign contributions. The only people who can participate in such a legal system are the ones who should not have access to the administration and character of a legal system. The FBI raids on the legal administration in Cleveland, Ohio and the special prosecutions in Phoenix, Arizona were necessary to intercept what were essentially coup d’etats. Some say ” The Washington State Bar has proven that the best and most lucrative device for corrupt parties is an ethical system” End of Robert Grundstein’s writing. }

The WSBA refused comment on this story.

Commentary by the Gold Bar Reporter

The Gold Bar Reporters believe in “free speech”, ” right to freely associate” and ” freedom of the press” as Americans’ best tool or defense to fight corrupt government officials acting under color of law to accomplish and further their corrupt and unethical goals.

As a person criminally harassed using county resources while engaged in the practice of law by corrupt government officials like John Pennington ( Pennington and his RICO gang are being sued in federal court for violation of civil rights) Aaron Reardon, Jon Rudicil, Kevin Hulten, Joe Beavers, Crystal Hill Pennington, Michael Kenyon, Ann Marie Soto, Margaret King, Sean Reay, and several others named in a 42 USC 1983 complaint filed in US Federal District Court on February 18, 2014, writing this story, which is just part one of several more anecdotal stories to come, our system of government has failed and must be corrected/reformed by each and every one of us who cherish our founding fathers’ principle that “we the people” have an civic duty to investigate and expose government officials using every legally permissible tool.

RCW 42.56 is one of the best tools of all.
If every Snohomish County resident reading this blog ( totaling over 6,000 per day) requested access to email communication pursuant to RCW 42.56, Snohomish County would not be in the mess its in today ( the county is being sued as a result of Executive John Lovick’s inability to lead, people dying in his country jails, criminal harassment of a protected Whistleblower Tamara Dutton, John Pennington’s lack of education and skills to mitigate Oso before 41 residents became his latest victims ( most who were under the age of 14), abusing women and children.

Prosecutor Mark Roe ( who is also personal friend to John Pennington) refusing to investigate John Pennington’s mistress and Gold Bar Mayor Crystal Hill even after objective physician reports documented that Crystal Hill, while sitting Mayor of Gold Bar ( Nov. 2008), violently threw a six old child around like a rag doll leaving bruises on a defenseless child ( Dear Sweet Child, if You are reading this blog, please pick up the phone and call 911 each and every time Crystal Hill or Daddy lays on a hand on you. There is help available but YOU must call 911!) and continues to mentally, physically and emotionally abuse the same child with the assistance of Snohomish County Superior Court, and the Snohomish County Council’s admission that the County did not run a criminal background check on John Pennington prior to his political appointment as Snomhomish County’s Department of Emergency Management, could be a great place to live and build business once we rid the county of the criminals that are ruining it.
Perhaps 41 people in Oso, Washington, would still be alive today had the County Council performed a criminal background check on John Pennington ( a man named as a prime suspect in a child rape case from Colwitz County in 1992, convicted of criminal harassment, charged with beating up ex wife # 3 while she was in her third trimester of pregnancy.. a real Ted Bundy sociopath) or at least legislated that an important position like Emergency Management Director have the qualifications to perform basic functions of his job.

But instead, the County appoints a unqualified child/wife abuser named John Pennington and fails to perform a background check on Pennington. Tort claims were filed against Snohomish County as a direct result of his failure to respond for three days.

The PRA subjects every agency, including the WSBA, to release our records once requested to do so within five (5) business days. However, as of the today, lawyers sworn in to uphold Washington State laws, continue to violate and obstruct access to public records in favor of hiding crimes, and more importantly, violating the civil rights of the people they were sworn in to protect.

I disgracefully call Snohomish County Prosecutors’ Office “criminals in suits.” Such conduct is not acceptable under basic civil rights statutes and must be challenged at all cost to the American people. ” If good people do nothing, evil people flourish.” Our readers should know that our overall goal is to bring about change where change is resistant.

Corruption and abuse of power harms all of us, but mostly the weak, the sick, and the poor. As a former New York City police officer ( who we admire as one of the 20th Century’s Most Admired Public Officials in US history) said “ The fight for justice against corruption is never easy. It never has been and never will be. It exacts a toll on our self, our families, our friends, and especially our children. In the end, I believe, as in my case, the price we pay is well worth holding on to our dignity.” Frank Serpico
In my spare time, I will continue to file lawsuits seeking access to our records, turn over those records to others so they can sue unethical government officials, and I am now writing a book involving many Snohomish County corrupt government officials. My book will mix a little fiction with non-fiction and my main purpose will be to expose corrupt government officials, shine a heck of a lot of light on criminals like John Pennington and Mark Roe, add a little humor and emotion, and instigate good people into an activist role. 90 % of all lawyers are useless and unethical.

It’s the 10 % of the lawyers from open government that restore my faith in our founding fathers’ concept that that each and every one of us must address and expose corrupt government officials.

Thomas Jefferson, an Atheist and one hell of a great writer, once said ” in matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.” Requesting public records pursuant to RCW 42.56 is a great way to uncover corruption inside government agencies.

Snohomish County Public Records can be requested by sending an email to: The Gold Bar Reporters enjoy requesting ” all email communication sent to or from John Pennington.” There is no limit under RCW 42.56 ( PRA) on how many records you can request, just keep it professional. After Carolyn Wiekel took over Information Services, we have seen a significant change in how the county responds to requests. Ms. Weikel’s efforts are admirable! I predict that Carolyn Weikel will be the next County Executive and I will contribute as much money as I can to ensure that corrupt politicians are removed from office.

you can buy his book here and it is free on Kindle Unlimited:

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