From Ken Ditkowsky — another GAO report on Gship is undertaken

It has been broadcast that the Government Accounting Office is doing a study on elder cleansing i.e. the railroading of senior citizens and disabled people into Court supervised guardianships wherein they are systematically relieved of their dignity, civil rights, human rights, exploited and abused.   Finally these targeted seniors are put to death by the use of chemicals.
Dr. Sugar has invited you and the Government Accounting Office to examine the material on his web-site.   I too would urge you to do so and in addition review the Mary Sykes case 09 P 4585 Circuit Court of Cook County and the Alice Gore case (also Cook County).    These cases are referred to in the Probate Sharks, MaryGSykes and the NASGA websites.    These website have documented the serious crimes of elder cleansing (i.e. abuse and exploitation of the elderly through corrupt guardianships) and exactly why it is very dangerous to become old and infirm in Illinois, Florida, California *****.
The Mary Sykes case 09 P 4585 is a roadmap of how with the aid of a corrupt judge, two corrupt guardian ad litem, a greedy guardian represented by a clout heavy dishonest honesty attorney can without jurisdiction literally kidnap a competent senior citizen and separate her from her liberty, property and dignity at a three million dollar profit.   Digging a little deeper the usually clandestine corrupt judicial and public officials expose themselves and their disregard for their duties and constitutional obligations.    Mr. Jerome Larkin of the Illinois ARDC (lawyer disciplinary commission) went so far as to unilaterally misrepresent the Rule of Law and assault the Constitution in his intimidation scheme.
In the Alice Gore case, the judicial officials reached for the nadir as they prospected for gold in Alice Gore’s mouth for fun and profit – profit was approximately 1.5 million dollars that is unaccounted for (see Probate Sharks blog).
In Florida the Helen Stone case is a perfidious demonstration of misconduct and Ms. Glenda Martinez can enlighten you as to the extreme lengths that these criminals will travel in their quest for the assets of the disabled and elderly.
In Indiana Tim Lahrman can point out the aftermat (from a victim’s standpoint) of judicial corruption in guardianship.
Janet Phelan, a journalist who had to flee the United States of America out of fear for her life as she opposed the cabal is an articulate source of information.   Gloria Sykes, a journalist and television producer can provide you with a first hand blow by blow account of what family members of targeted elderly have to go through when they oppose the elder cleansing of their loved ones.
the long and short is that the surfaced has not been scratched by government as this very profitable war on the elderly and the disabled continues openly and notoriously.  The profits to the dishonest jurists, court appointed guardians, guardians ad litem, attorneys is massive. The miscreants enjoy literal income tax immunity and protection from other dishonest political and judicial figures.
I personally hope that the GAO can recommend to the Department of the Treasury to collect the Income taxes due from the miscreants.   ( Breach of Fiduciary relationship is a taxable event = the doctrine of constructive receipt is applicable, and pursuant to 18 UsCA 371 and 18 UsCA 242 all the co-conspirators are jointly and severally liable for the taxes, interest and penalties.   In civil taxation collection the tax payer has the burden of proof).
Thank you for your courtesy and co-operation.

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