From Ken Ditkowsky–troubles in the Presidential Primary

Ken Ditkowsky–

Unfortunately we face this situation in our daily lives.     It is unsafe to get old , especially lin Florida and Illinois.     No only do we have corruption dogging us everywhere and anywhere, but our institutions that are intended to rein in the corruption ignore it and attempt to silence dissent and Honest inquiry.     The JoAnne Denison disciplinary case is a prime example.     Attorney Denison was prosecuted by the lawyer disciplinary commission for two offenses –  She called for an honest investigation into overt criminal activity in the Probate Division of the Circuit Court of Cook County – especially iln the Sykes case -09 P 4585, and she exposed corruption in her blog MaryGSykes.   
The lawyer disciplinary commission (IARDC) administered by Jerome Larkin made application to the Supreme Court of Illinois claiming that the exposure of the corruption was akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater.     Indeed, the Supreme Court not only took the unusual action of granting an interum suspension, but added another 3 year suspension because of the seriousness of the offense of a lawyer complying with Rule 8.3, 18 USCA 4, and not joining in the cover-up of elder cleansing.   The American Bar Association attorned by silence!      
Thus, when on a National level candidates for president proudly brag of their frugality with the truth and their disregard of America’s core values is it any wonder that so many citizens are a bit upset by the ESTABLISHMENT!      Mr. Stephens sees the problem on the National level, however, you and I see it at the grass root level as it affects the great unwashed.     We do not want to be reduced to Flotsam.   To escape that fate our forefathers fled to America!

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