From Ken Ditkowsky–Time to rectify the wrongs of the ARDC

It is time for the American Bar Association to take a big step forward and to defend the Constitution of the United States of America.
The JoAnne Denison case is a disgrace of the magnitude of the Dred Scott Decision.      When lawyers cannot speak out against overt criminal conduct such as occurred in the MARY SYKES CASE  09 P 4585 or the atrocity of the Alice Gore case America is in serious trouble.    When lawyer disciplinary commissions are entities for covering up the elder cleansing of America committed by corrupt judges, corrupt lawyers, and corrupt public officials it is time for these organizations to be revamped and returned to their purpose of protecting the public.    The public interest is not served by the exploitation, abuse, and deprivations of civil rights and property rights of the elderly and the disabled.    The public interest is not served by lawyer organizations (including those supported by the public) that ignore the oath that they took when they individually became lawyers.     The public interest is not served with State courts ignore the Rule of law as determined by the SCOTUS.
I realize that in asking the American Bar Association to join in defending the Constitution and the Rule of Law I am asking that benign organization to stand up and be counted.     I further realize that such is a frighting situation for these lawyers, but, each lawyer took an oath!    That oath should mean something.     The JoAnne Denison case has the elements that are needed to put an end to the wrongful censorship being imposed in violation of 18 USCA 371 and 18 USCA 242 by the criminal elements that seized control of the justice system to aid and abet elder cleansing.
Yesterday, in a similar vein a Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama announced his ultra vires intention to vitiate the Rule of Law as set forth by the SCOTUS.    (Ken is noting that Alabama claims it does not need to recognize gay marriage and will not enjoin clerks to recognize it.  They claim they are the Better Supreme Court in the US but what they really are is America’s newest joke and poor excuse for a judicial body). Expectedly, the American  Bar Association was silent, just as it is in the Elder Cleansing cases.    The Rule of Law is America’s core value — the government including but not limited to the Judicial, Executive, and Legislative branches must observe it or we lose our democracy.    In the Elder Cleansing cases the Rule of Law is being abrogated in specific cases to protect criminal enterprises and the silence is deafening.    
Democracy is not a spectator sport — if we want our client to inherit the America that we were decreed, we have to preserve it.     Benign neglect of our Bill of Rights and our Core values will not do the job.
I prepared a petition to the Supreme Court of the United States — I tender it to the ABA in the hope and prayer that the lawyers of America care enough about their profession and its principles to join in the protection of the First Amendment and Free Speech in America.


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