Sheldon Silver convicted of $$millions in corruption in NY

And while John Howard Wyman, a victim of Corruption in Rockford Illinois is amazed the State of New York recently opened a corruption Museum and is apparently proud of this achievement, comes the following story from the New York Post:

On its third day of rocky deliberations, a Manhattan federal jury handed down guilty verdicts on all seven counts against Silver, despite two jurors threatening to throw the trial into turmoil by demanding to be excused.

Silver, a 71-year-old veteran lawmaker who was once one of the most powerful politicians in the state, was found guilty of honest-services fraud, extortion and money-laundering for trading political favors to enrich himself and then lying about it.

He now faces a maximum of 130 years behind bars, although under federal sentencing guidelines, he will likely get no more than 20 years. Silver, who remains free on bail until his sentencing, plans to appeal.

Albany lobbyist Brian Meara testified that he set up a meeting between Silver and an exec at the developer Glenwood Management, which hired another law firm with ties to Silver to handle its property-tax litigation.

Silver got more than $700,000 from the firm of Goldberg & Iryami, with Meara testifying that he was “surprised and concerned” when Silver revealed the fee-splitting arrangement to him. (Mike Madigan, speaker of the House in the Illinois State Legislature has a law firm that does most of the work in Illinois to reduce property taxes, sound familiar?  Where do all those cases and clients come from?  How is he so popular with a stunning track record of reducing property taxes?)

Another question:

Columbia University cancer doctor Robert Taub — who got $500,000 in taxpayer-funded research grants from Silver — testified that he steered dozens of asbestos patients to Silver for legal representation by his law firm, Weitz & Luxenberg.

Silver, who was “of counsel” at the firm, pocketed more than $3 million for delivering those clients, testimony revealed.

Health care, government grants for health care research AND property tax reduction business.  Illinois miscreants should be mighty envious.

That is, until the silver bracelets come out


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