Ken Ditkowsky and Mayor Emmanuel’s 16 bullet coverup scandal

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Subject: Re: The lead article in the LostHorizons News might interest you: The Founders’ Defense Against Soicopaths In Public Office
Date: Dec 1, 2015 1:02 PM
Date:  December 1, 2015
Subject: Anatomy of a cover up
From:  Ken Ditkowsky
There are few opportunities to see a Chicago style ‘cover-up’ in operation; however, the 16 bullets shot into a 17 year old here in Chicago provides real insight.
Briefly the facts are as follows:
Immediately prior to the last election for mayor of Chicago, contemporaneously with the Missouri shooting of an “unarmed” black man riots, a 17 year old was found by the police randomly and indiscriminately slashing tires of parked cars.    A white policeman (and some other policemen) confronted the teenager and shot him 16 times.
Here in Chicago we have a large African American Community that is plagued with violence.   The population is frustrated as the kill ratio is higher than combat zones and along with chronic horrible schools a good 1/3 of the population is terribly frustrated; however, the Chicago Democratic machine absent a rash of independence by the Community can normally elect anyone they desire for the public offices and in particular the mayor.    With the aforesaid (McDonald) killing all the seeds for that rash of independence were in place.
The current mayor and his cronies needed to get elected for several reasons:   1) the lusted after power, 2) the mayor being defeated would be an embarrassment for the President, 3) ******.      No one could undue the killing and certainly no one could undue the 16 bullets that riddled the teens body.   Certainly no one could justify the obscene event.     Thus, like the elder cleansing cases a ‘cover-up’ had to be put in place.    There however were a couple of problems.    How do you deal with the community?
Chicago style politics involves money – lots of it.    Even though the “family” had demonstrated no interest in the teenager in the past and he was literally raised by the grace of the good lord and a failed welfare and childcare system, the family was lead to believe that if they held up in filing a lawsuit, held off in talking about the assassination of McDonald there would be gold at the end of the rainbow.    Thus, everyone was a quiet as church mice.    Not a word appeared in the media, no lawsuit was filed, and the machine brought in the election for the current mayor.   WITH CITY HALL APPROVAL including the Alderman’s vote approving the settlement everything is legal.   Corruption and cover=ups are their own reward!
The Corporation counsel of the City of Chicago offered the family (who had literally abandoned the victim previously) five million dollars.    Knowing that a jury verdict would depend on a loss of consortium they grabbed it.    As McDonald was a minor the award had to be approved by the Probate Court.     This mean a petition had to be filed.     The following facts are therefore evident:
1.         Every major Chicago media outlet maintains a listening post in the court house, and thus, this settlement would have not been a secret to the Chicago Tribune or the Chicago Sun-Times.     The investigative reporters of CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, ****   saw and heard nothing!!!    Their reporter in the building *****.
2.         Every alderman (50) had to vote to approve the settlement, thus, each had knowledge.      When the City council approved the five million dollar settlement each of the political elite who voted knew or should had known immediately after the election of the killing.   Not one word of anger, objection, or even concern was heard.
3.       Payment of the settlement was paid post haste.     (pecuniary settlements are rarely paid with any dispatch)
4.       The concerned family, the mayor, the alderman, the media, the Justice Department, **** all said nothing for approximately a year!
Thirteen months elapsed, and the obscenity came to light.    The mayor and the party immediately blamed the Police Department (which has been reported to have notified the justice department when the 16 bullet fiasco was first uncovered).   The very same alderman who voted to approve the settlement demanded that the States Attorney resign, and the Police Commissioner resign.   (The police commissioner was fired!).       Not one Alderman who voted for the payment of the settlement money mentioned his part in the cover=up, resigned, admitted to the cover-up, etc.
In New York one of the biggest fixers was found guilty of serious violations of the law and may go to jail.    The number of years that he was able to carry on his activities is a testament to the political corrupt and judicial corruption that America is facing and why ‘elder cleansing’ and its cover-up are so terrible.      A couple of African American teenagers getting killed by the police as they are engaged in anti-social activities is a serious matter, but, when the grandparents of these teens are isolated, herded into guardianships so that they can be conveniently abused, exploited, deprived of their human and civil rights prior to being afforded an involuntary assisted suicide the price to society is exponentially increased.     First there are more of us being assaulted, deprived of our human and civil rights, and terminated, and Second the profit margin to the miscreants is substantially increased.    Killing one of these teenagers generates merely the opportunity to gratify anti-social racist whim, but killing a senior or a disabled person allows the victim’s estate to be redistributed to the miscreants.
The lawyer disciplinary commissions that actively participate in the elder cleansing and/or the cover up thereof in a similar manner are more overt that the Alderman who voted to pay the booty to the McDonald family as a reward for keeping quiet.     Here in Illinois Jerome Larkin is so confident that he is above the law that he can even publish a warning to the 2nd oldest profession — disclosing corruption in the Illinois Courts is considered by the leaders of the legal profession to be akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater and therefore YOU are second class citizens, your clients have whatever rights that I (Jerome Larkin) consent upon my whim and caprice to give them ****
Interestingly, just like the media who viewed the petition for court approval of the payment to the “family” for silence, also actively ignore the public’s right to know and the clear and present danger of the official suppression of their First, Fifth and 14th amendment rights.     However, it is only fair to give the media credit for publishing the prevarications and character assassinations published by the enemies of the republic concerning the whistleblowers and others who might disclose the perfidy.

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