From the Pro Publicia Website – Senior deaths rarely investigated

Making the cover up of crimes especially easy for public official hired to “look the other way” such as Jerome Larkin.

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A retired U.S. government scientist, Shepter spent his final two years dwelling in a nursing home in Mountain Mesa, Calif., a small town northeast of Bakersfield. A stroke had paralyzed much of his body, while dementia had eroded his ability to communicate.

He died in January 2007 at age 76. On Shepter’s death certificate, Dr. Hoshang Pormir, the nursing home’s chief medical officer, explained that the cause was heart failure brought on by clogged arteries.

Shepter’s family had no reason to doubt it. The local coroner never looked into the death. Shepter’s body was interred in a local cemetery.

But a tip from a nursing-home staffer would later prompt state officials to re-examine the case and reach a very different conclusion.

When investigators reviewed Shepter’s medical records, they determined that he had actually died of a combination of ailments often related to poor care, including an infected ulcer, pneumonia, dehydration and sepsis.

Investigators also concluded that Shepter’s demise was hastened by the inappropriate administration of powerful antipsychotic drugs, which can have potentially lethal side effects for seniors.

Prosecutors in 2009 charged Pormir and two former colleagues with killing Shepter and two other elderly residents. They’ve pleaded not guilty. The criminal case is ongoing.

Note this article is from a journalist associated with NPR (National Public Radio) and Frontline

How much longer will the ARDC cover up deaths such as Sykes, Drabik, Nash, Richards, etc.–so that connected attorneys in probate can continue to run their cottage industry of death and greed?

Files need to be pulled and audited, statements need to be taken, discovery issued and attorneys and their tied in service providers (that often provide no services at all) need to be called in and deposed.  All staff and managers and attorneys at the ARDC and in our court system need to be tested for psycopathy and narcissism before they continue on their jobs.

The public and other lawyers are paying huge, huge sums of money when milllions fall of the inventories of probate wards, caring family members are granted bogus protective orders when they stand up in court for their loved ones, they are maligned, slandered, libeled, false lighted  and told they are crazy when they insist on no psychopathic drugs (these are illegal and not FDA approved to give to seniors), and due process for their seniors.

The articles are getting worse and worse Mr. Larkin.  They do not support your position of covering up the suspicious death of hundreds of seniors every year.

Join with us and start investigating these deaths.  Call in attorneys such as Farenga, Stern and Schmeidel who falsely claimed $200,000 of Gloria’s money and sold Mary’s home for 25% of it’s true value and $1 million loss in coins was never investigated and discovery was quashed repeatedly, even by the ARDC.

Your complaince, and the aid and assistance of Ms. Opryszek, Ms. Leah Black Guiterrez and Steven Splitt–an (no) ethics attorney is about the worst behavior I have seen of a group of attorneys whose sole purpose is to PROTECT the public and not cover up for clouted attorneys.

Join with me and Ken and start to clean up this mess.

There is no way that any of the miscreants deserved a dime of the $160k in fees that they took from poor Mary–narcotized to death when the money ran out.

The above story is worse that that of Mr. Shepter because we know ATTORNEYS and JUDGES covered up some serious deviations from the law to take $160k in fees.

Someone will eventually investigate and correct the severe derrogation of the human and civil rights of Mary G Sykes with sooooo many attorneys outraged by the mis-behavior of the miscreants.  It should have been you and your staff in connjunction with Ms. Madigan, but nothing happened.  18 USC section 4 applies to you and your staff.  18 USC section 371 says that you and your staff are jointly and severally liable–fees, fines, penalties and punitive damages.

Time to step for ward and do your job.  Investigate poor Mary, who now lies in a crypt at a local cemetary.


2 thoughts on “From the Pro Publicia Website – Senior deaths rarely investigated

  1. Yes, it is time to name names. Nobody messes with our elders and gets away with it forever. Not even in Chicago. Why? Because sooner or later all of us become elders and sooner or later justice will out.

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