From Ken Ditkowsky — Elder abuse, the Ultimate Betrayal

From Ken Ditkowsky;
JoAnne – you and we disciplined by the Illinois Supreme Court for pursuant to Rule 8.3 and our First Amendment Rights asking for an HONEST investigation of the corrupt judges, corrupt lawyers, corrupt judicial officials and corrupt public officials who were carrying on a WAR AGAINST THE ELDERLY AND THE DISABLED.   It looks like out persistence and refusal to attorn to the intimidation meted out by Mr. Larkin and his 18 USCA 371 and 18 USCA 242 co-conspirators is paying off.
A lawyer who I’ve known for about a decade, approached me this morning to inform me that Consumer Reports had a bunch of articles this month dealing with Elder abuse/exploitation.   The treatment of the subject was benign, but at the very least it was a recognition that there is a serious problem.    The corrupt judicial aspect of the problem does not appear to be the focus of the articles, but, if an when law enforcement efficaciously investigates the problem they will connote the role of the corrupt lawyer whether he be judge, disciplinary official, appointee, judicial official or guardian appointed by a Court.    (I did not specify corrupt court, as even judges involved in these wrongful guardianships can be duped.   The perfidy of the GAO in the Gore case is so extreme that her being a practicing lawyer is dumbfounding.   (the prospecting for gold in Alice Gore’s mouth, the removal of 29 teeth, and the harvesting of the gold blows my mind.   Any lawyer who can participate in such a crime against humanity ****).
An article was able to retrieve states:

The ultimate betrayal

Tabloid coverage of the Brooke Astor case helped raise awareness of elder financial abuse.
The New York Post called it the “swindle trial.” Jurors likened it to a “Shakespearean tragedy.” When New York socialite Anthony D. Marshall was convicted of defrauding and stealing from his elderly mother, philanthropist Brooke Astor, reports detailed how he conspired with lawyer Francis Morrissey to amend her will in his favor, took millions without her consent, and lifted paintings from her walls while she languished in her Park Avenue home. The trial painted a portrait of greed and filial neglect. Both men were sentenced to one to three years in prison and are currently out pending appeal.
Elsie Brooks’s lifestyle was a world apart from Astor’s, but their stories are tragically similar. When she was 72 she sold her mobile home and moved in with her daughter and granddaughter in Monterey, Calif. She decided she didn’t want to deal with her finances any longer and let the two take control. But her daughter, Lisa Karen MacAdams, and granddaughter, Christi Schoenbachler, drained Brooks of jewelry, furniture, and an annuity worth almost $90,000, and abandoned her at a nursing facility, according to court documents. They were convicted of grand theft and financial elder abuse, both felonies, and two counts of misdemeanor elder abuse. Last summer, a California appeals court stayed one of Schoenbachler’s misdemeanor charges.
Elder financial abuse is “the ultimate betrayal,” says Colleen Toy White, a superior court judge in Ventura County, Calif., who sees roughly 40 cases of such abuse each month. “It’s shocking to see how vulnerable the elder person is.”
We’ve told you about scams by strangers, among them fraudulent sweepstakes phone calls and investments, and grandparent scams (“Scamnation!,” October 2012 issue). Far more insidious are deceptions by neighbors, friends, employees, and relatives—the very people entrusted to care for and protect seniors.
Such abuse can be financially and emotionally devastating. And experts say it’s likely to increase because of a stalled economy and an aging population. Awareness is rising thanks to cases such as Astor’s. Yet because seniors might not recognize when it happens to them or are too ashamed to speak, the crime lurks largely out of sight.
For more tips, read the Consumer Reports Retirement Guide.
In a randomized New York telephone survey released in 2011, for instance, seniors mentioned being victims of financial exploitation more frequently than any other type of abuse. Yet the study estimated that only 1 in 44 incidents of financial elder abuse is officially documented.

“Nearly every time I lecture on financial abuse, people will approach me with their personal stories,” says Elizabeth Loewy, a Manhattan assistant district attorney and lead prosecutor on the Marshall case. “They will talk to me about their grandmother, aunt, or neighbor, usually a senior with cognitive issues, who had ‘this problem.’ And it’s like a light will go on, and they’ll ask, ‘So this could be a crime?’ ”

Imagine for the moment what Alice Gore, Helen Stone, Carol Wyman, Mary Sykes et al all felt as they were being elder cleansed.    Mary Sykes was no incompetent and no shrink so testified prior to the guardian was appointed to abuse, exploit her, and separate her from her liberty and property.    Each of the corrupt attorneys involved in the case was fully aware of the criminal activity.   The Judge knew or should have known that she never held a hearing and had a file before her in which fraud was patent and no jurisdiction had been obtained.    Everyone involved knew the score including Mary, her daughters, her friends, the members of her church etc BUT  because of Jerome Larkin’s participation in the ‘coverup’ Mary died without vindication or Justice.

The amount of money that was garnered by the miscreants was more than sufficient incentive for one of the guardian ad litem to panic when she saw in the blog “probate sharks” a reiteration of JoAnne and my calls for an HONEST INVESTIGATION.     It was no real surprise that Lea Black and Jerome Larkin felt the need to try to intimidate me into silence with disciplinary proceedings and it was a foregone conclusion that when JoAnne Denison took up the torch and published the Call for Justice on her blog that her license to practice law in Illinois was doomed.    Larkin and his band of co-conspirators could never allow any HONEST investigation of the elder cleansing scandal as it applied to Mary Sykes, Alice Gore, Carol *****.    
How does a senior protect himself or herself?     Unless the tax man collects the State and Federal Income taxes due from Larkin and his 18 UsCA 137 group; or unless there is a vigorous and public prosecution of Larkin and his 18 USCA 137 group there is no way.   Appearing before a corrupt judge who is profiting by the elder cleansing (directly or indirectly) is a vain act.   Writing to frightened elected officials who are afraid to mention the word “elder cleansing” in the same sentence with the names of any of the co-conspirators gets us nothing.

Ken Ditkowsky

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