From Michael Volpe–an excellent book on corruption in the courts

My review for Amazon:

Michael Volpe’s Book on Chris Mackney–describes court corruption in amazing detail.

I have just finished Mr. Volpe’s book on court corruption, and in particular the experiences of Mr. Chris Mackney-as he worked his way through a highly troubled divorce with a ex-wife with an interesting family secret that came out during his own internet research: it was there he discovered that his wealthy father in law had been convicted of murder, had likely been involved in much more criminal activity, and his ex-wife conveniently forgot to tell him during their long marriage.

As a result, the father-in-law, a Mr. Scamardo (what an apropos name), went to great lengths to fund a divorce for $1.2 million which of course involved dozens of failures of the court to simply follow the law, set reasonable child support for the father and a fair co-parenting schedule. What happened instead was a complete nightmare leading to his own suicide when judgments against him ended up for over $100,000.  Mr. Mackney never in fact did receive his share of equity in the marital residence which would have wiped out the debt; instead he continually struggled to fend off multiple unfair motions, one after the other.  His ex-wife had him arrested and jailed four times.  Once she and her attorney claimed attempted extortion when, after multiple attempts to reduce his child support to a level he could afford, he threatened to go to the media if it wasn’t reduced.  He spent 3 months in jail awaiting trial, only to have the jury acquit him of extortion, deciding that child support is for the child so no money could be extorted from the ex-wife.

During the overly litigious divorce, the extreme motion practice of his ex-wife cost him his job and all future job prospects.  One job was lost when Mrs. Mackney went and tried to depose his boss.  That was the end of that job.

Mr. Mackney’s child support was based on an old tax return when he happened to make over $250,000 for the year as a Realtor in 2007, at the height of the real estate boom–something he never did before, or after that year.  But the child support was set at $2,800 per month year after year and the court refused his many motions to decrease it at any time, even after Mr. Mackney lost his job, had no income and his ex-wife continually hounded him in court and harassed him outside the courtroom.

There are great descriptions of many of the lengths his ex-wife went to engaging in deception, trickery, parental alienation, describing him as mentally ill, when he clearly was not.

Mr. Mackney lost his custody rights when he failed to fax in one receipt to the court–he simply forgot or was confused.

Of course, all of Mrs. Mackney’s sins were always forgiven by the court.

Mr. Mackney, for most of the divorce proceedings, was forced to attend court pro se because he had no income and no attorney.  In addition, “professionals” assigned to the case always sided with the wife, because, as many of you already know, he who pays gets the total cooperation from any professional assigned to the case and will attack the less wealthy litigant, engaging in slander, libel, false light and defamation, unless and until the appropriate fees are paid.  Make no mistake, there are court appointed experts that can be bought and who can change their testimony for the highest bidder and most prompt payer.

The book is a very interesting read and I highly recommend it for those going through, or might possibly face, a contentious and overly litigious proceeding with someone hell bent on utter destruction of their ex.  Utter destruction of a spouse, parental alienation, Legal Abuse Syndrome, suicide by men during divorce and other concepts of outrageous unjust litigation are aptly identified and discussed.

Highly recommended.  Thank you Mr. Volpe for bringing this to the attention of the public, and more particularly those who are in need of your expertise and analysis to protect them.  The book is interesting and well written.  The emails of Mr. Mackney during all his troubles and tribulations were preserved by Mr. Volpe and they are republished at the end of the book.  The ex-wife somehow was able to wrest a copyright registration out of the court, and she then went on a campaign of unconstitutional gag orders to remove all derogatory information about her and her ex-husband from the internet.

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