From Ken Ditkowsky–ALM is taking nominations for White Collar Crime Fighters

I would be glad to nominate anyone that sends me a short synopsis of your personal fight for truth and justice in probate or other areas of the Court System.

Tell me about how you are running a blog, writing or have written a book, have filed pleading after pleading to enforce rights against a corrupt system and I will nominate.

This is our chance to get recognition which is currently nearly impossible because the court connected and appointed attorneys threaten everyone with litigation all the time and engage is slander, libel, defamation and false light.

See below and thanks Ken, for passing this along.

To: National Law Journal <>
Subject: Re: Know a fighter against White Collar Crime? Nominate them now! Damn right – Jerome Larkin. He is getting away with his white collar activities.
Date: Sep 28, 2015 2:08 PM
The fight against White Collar Crime was indeed changed.   In fact it has been lost!
If you read the American Bar Journal post of last week concerning the suspension of JoAnne Denison you have have immediate recognition of exactly what I am pointing out.
As a citizen and as an attorney, JoAnne Denison is entitled to all the privileges and immunities of citizenship.   This right includes the right to comment in a negative manner as to any elected official including a judge.   The right is about as broad and unlimited (subject to defamation laws as you can get).   In fact the recent Supreme Court of the United States cases have given new teeth to the right.
All attorneys when they obtain their licenses to practice are required to take an oath to defend and honor the Constitution.   In essence this is a promise to follow the Rule of Law, act honorably and at the very least tell the truth to the Court.
One of the most serious white collar crimes is the crime that isolates, abuses, exploits or otherwise abrogates the civil rights of the elderly and the disabled.   Preying on the elderly and the disabled for profit (breach of fiduciary relationship) is one of the lowest endeavors of white collar crime imaginable.    However, it is also one of the most common and one of the most protected.    In fact attorneys who complain about specific instances of this white collar criminal activity (elder cleansing) are punished by long suspensions of their law licenses.   Forget about lawyer rule 8.3.   Reporting the crime causes disciplinary action and in the case of Attorney Grant Goodman FRCP 11 sanctions.
JoAnne Denison reported in her blog (protected by 47 USCA 230) the abuse, isolation, exploitation and the theft of several million dollars in assets from the Mary Sykes estate 09 P4585 (Cook County).    She also reported other similar criminal endeavors, and along with yours truly demanded an Honest investigation.
Jerome Larkin the administrator of the Illinois attorney disciplinary commission (I ARDC) is thus is the lawyer I would nominate.    Larkin and his gang of 18 UsCA 242 and 18 USCA 173 co-conspirators rigged a facade of kangaroo hearings first to intimidate in frighten lawyers not to speak out, and then when the words and phrases started to be echoed by many in the public discipline the lawyers who spoke out.    The First Amendment was abrogated and here in Illinois the Supreme Court of Illinois not only disciplined attorney Denison for speaking out in accordance with 18 USCA 4, 430 ILCS 20/4,**** and her moral duty on an interim basis but as the ABA pointed out in its recent article – gave her a 3 year suspension.
The ABA has done its part also in protecting white collar criminals.   It has not raised a scintilla of protest!    It is demonstrated the the professional associations that have been created by laws are not only impotent but apparently disinterested in the Civil Rights of its members.   The ‘cover up’ created by Larkin and his 18 USCA 371 (242) co-conspirators has been so effective that the ‘elder cleansing’ has become a National scandal and a criminal enterprise that rivals the Gulags, and North Korean justice.
Larkin and his co-conspirators also are leaders in the promulgation of tax evasion.   You of course are aware that breach of a fiduciary relationship is a taxable event, and the bounty (booty) obtained is taxable income.   It appears that Larkin has not included dime one on his Illinois ethics statement and we have it on good authority that his 1040 does not disclose it either.
As Larkin and his co-conspirators are getting away with their white collar activities of coverup and fraud in violation of Federal and State law  – and government turns the other cheek – they deserve nomination.    Moral behavior may be totally lacking, but their success and continued exploitation and elder cleansing of senior citizens and disabled people speaks for itself.

From: National Law Journal <>
Sent: Monday, September 28, 2015 1:30 PM
Subject: Know a fighter against White Collar Crime? Nominate them now!

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Do you know attorneys who have changed the fight against White Collar Crimes?

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