From Ken Ditkowsky–on being quiet while others undergo extreme injustices

To: Janet Phelan <>
Subject: Line in the sand
Date: Sep 26, 2015 5:47 PM
I sat quietly and politely as I was railroaded, as Lanre Amu was railroaded, as Diane Nash was denied access to public accommodations, as Gloria Sykes was denied reasonable accommodation, and as dozens of senior citizens were abused, exploited and deprived of their civil rights.   Oh – I made a little noise, but, by in large *****.
The suspension of JoAnne Denison for the admitted basis of exercising her First Amendment Rights has crossed the line in the sand.   This action by the conscience of the legal profession transcends decency and any claim to adhering to the Rule of Law.   It is a direct attack on every liberty interest that America hold dear.    The action is akin to blowing up the Trade Center in New York.   No act of terrorism could be as venal as using State of Illinois/public money to advance the interests of criminals in black robes and lawyer clothes who are proactively engaging in a War against the Elderly and the Disabled. (Elder Cleansing).
There are few acts that a government or public official can perform that comes close to the perfidy and infamy that is illustrated by the suspension of Ms. Denison for exercising her First Amendment Rights.
So do I intend to do about it?    I noticed another blog – “Ugly Judge”   There must be hundred of them.   My computer skills are that of a dinosaur so getting the word out and alerting others that we have right here in America a movement that is dedicated to destroying our liberty – especially if we are old, disabled, or vulnerable (and have a dollar or two in our jeans).
Janet – I noticed that “Ugly Judge” had a piece concerning the alleged nefarious activities of Melody Scott  – how do I get that blog and others to expose the criminal elder cleansing that the media refuses to disclose?   The face of the enemy is still a nameless, faceless bureaucrat who we have on information and reasonable belief the name JEROME LARKIN.  
This criminal Civil Rights violation perpetrated upon JoAnne Denison must be a matter of public knowledge so people can choose whether North Korean democracy or the prior America democracy is to be ours!
For the record – I wish I was being over dramatic – but when the Supreme Court of Illinois rubber stamps an assault on Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution and the Bill of Rights we have some real trouble!    When the ABA reports the criminal civil rights violation and does nothing – we have more than real trouble.  *****

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