From Randy Robinson–PBS and Frontline discuss the issues in “Assisted Living”

He was dirty and unkempt.  The family had to do his laundry and had to clean his room. He looked after a dirty old man.  Then he went wandering the facility on night.  George drank a chemical container he found and was severely injured.  He was in horrific pain and after a painful period, he died.  He suffered a horrific death the entire family saw.  For the lack of care, the Facility (Emeritus Corp), was fined $601 for creating a horrific death.

But Ermitus took in $1.6 billion in revenue in 2014.  A for profit corporation traded on Wall Street.

Sorry, I got through only half of the video.  I had to stop. It was just too digusting and deplorable that our elderly are treated insuch a manner.

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