From Ken Ditkowsky–Complaints to the IARDC relating the death and embezzlement from Mary Sykes are returned unopened, flatly refused!

To: “JoAnne M. Denison” <>
Subject: Please forward to the IARDC as a complaint against certain lawyers engaged in an alleged violation of 18 UsCA 242
Date: Sep 18, 2015 9:35 AM
The epidemic of felonies associated with ‘elder cleansing’ seems to be growing, or maybe more victims and their families are coming forth and making their situations known.      Certainly, the Larkin gang of 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators have made herculean efforts to silence the flow of information.    The unsuccessful attempt to shut down your blog, and browbeat others into silence certainly cannot go unnoticed and certainly must be addressed by law enforcement.
In reading the cases involving 18 USCA 242 it appears that when a death occurs as the result of a deprivation of civil rights the situation i.e. conspiracy escalates to a felony.    Thus when Mary Sykes, like so many other victims was subjected to an INVOLUNTARY assisted suicide all the conspirators (18 USCA 242) were complicit in her death.     I concur with the statement in your blog, to wit:
“The ARDC is responsible for that–Larkin, Opryszek, Guiterrez Black and Steven Splitt–THEY ALL COULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING, opened an honest investigation and permitted the necessary discovery.  Instead, they turned their backs on poor Mary and Gloria Sykes
The fact that public is still paying their salaries and they are still in official positions to assault the First Amendment is tragic and an affront to every honest citizen of the State of Illinois.     I’ve suggested that the concerted efforts in protecting the miscreants who did the actual deed (breach of fiduciary relationship) should result in all the co-conspirators also enjoying the opportunity to pay the Federal and State income taxes due as the result of the conspiracy.     I stand by that suggestion and I also want to make it clear that each of the governments (IARDC) co-conspirators should not be rewarded with compensation for protecting the criminals who are preying on the public – they ought to pay back every dime of salary that they received during their tenure in participating in the conspiracy to silence dissent and lawyer rule 8.3 (18 USCA 4) and shelter the elder cleansers.    
What makes the Sykes case so significant is the fact that the guardianship statute is so careful to protect the civil rights of persons who might need a guardian and Larkin and his co-conspirators (including the elder cleansers) systematically obviated each of the protections.  
1.       755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 requires a particular form summons be served prior to a hearing on the alleged disabled person.      Nowhere in the record in case 09 P 4585 does it appear that such a form summons was ever served, any summons was served, or the Statute complied with.
2.       755 ILCS 5/11a – 10 requires that close or near relatives of the alleged disabled person be given 14 days prior notice.    It is not even denied that such notice was never given.    A panel of the co-conspirators (co –conspirators themselves) solved this problem – without a scintilla of testimony or other evidence they determined that the relatives “knew” of the hearing.
3.       The guardianship statute requires a hearing so that the Americans with Disabilities Act and the constitutional constrains are complied with.    The record in 09 P 4585 reveals that there was no hearing.   (This is a fact admitted by the attorney for the guardian and GAL Adam Stern in a letter to Gloria Sykes).     The active nature of the actions of the Larkin gang is clearly demonstrated by the statement of the kangaroo panel who are caught in a written falsehood.
4.       As the guardian is a fiduciary, the guardian has the highest duty possible to Mary Sykes.     It is respectfully submitted that breaking into Mary and Gloria’s safety deposit box and making off with a million dollars in gold coins is a breach of fiduciary relationship.   (See Gloria Sykes affidavit)      It is my understanding that the guardian to date has not denied the averment.    Only Cynthia Farenga, who was not present and who has no knowledge of what was in the box, has made a specific denial.    Ms. Farenga is the attorney who was so upset by the call for an HONEST investigation reiterated in Probate Sharks.
Because of the serious nature of the allegations and Rule 8.3 I’ve reported the foregoing to the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, the States Attorney, and law enforcement.      All that has been accomplished is that my complaints have been ignored.     A snail mail copy of the complaint has been refused by the Office of the IARDC several times.   (On the first occasion it was opened and then returned to sender – it was re-sent and refused outright.    Yesterday, having waited a modest amount of time, I resent it).
The net is the fact that the criminal activity of the Larkin group continues to this day.     The public is not safe and public money is being taken under false pretenses.    I would like you to join with me in petitioning Governor Rauner and the Illinois Legislature to stop the waste of valuable resources of the State of Illinois and to institute a commission to do an HONEST investigation and to put an end to the felonies being generated by Jerome Larkin and his co-conspirators.
NB:   The group of visible conspirators differs in each case of elder cleansing, but the result is the same.     Senior citizens are being herded into isolation, abusive situations, exploitative episodes and their Civil and Human Rights forfeit.      In many of the situations it is believed and therefore alleged upon reliable information and belief that wealthy nursing home chains (and individuals) are providing generous rewards to the conspiracy.

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