From Ken Ditkowsky–where is the current report of the ABA on corruption in the courts and protection for the atty whistleblowers?

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Thank you for the ABA Report.
What is significant is what is missing from it, to wit:  The American Bar Association’s failure to come to the front and fight for the Right of lawyers to speak out on issues of importance such as corruption in our court.   
The ABA is big on rules, but very short on action.  Rule 8.3 requires lawyers to speak out and report acts of corruption in the Courts.   18 USCA 4 requires lawyers and other citizens to report felonies.   HOWEVER, JoAnne Denison and I made public our desire for an Honest investigation of ‘elder cleansing’ in the Probate Court of Cook County and in particular the Mary Sykes case and similar cases such as the Alice Gore case.    Guardian ad Litem Cynthia Farenga complained to the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission when our request for an HONEST investigation was made public in a blog by the name of Probate Sharks.   
The fact that the public was made aware of this was to be expected because we were not silent.  I even wrote to the Attorney General of the United States concerning the problem.   Worse yet, as was revealed in my disciplinary trial I was not repentant!   JoAnne had the temerity to publish grievances of victims in her blog – MaryGSykes.    Thus, the felonies of elder cleansing were exposed.    Mary Sykes being railroaded into a un-necessary guardianship, isolated from her prior life, abused, stripped of her life savings (including a million dollars in gold coins – see Affidavit of Gloria Sykes), exploited, and denied due process all was exposed.
Jerome Larkin, the administrator of the IARDC (disciplinary commission) was outraged that a lawyer would have First Amendment Rights and petitioned the Supreme Court for an interim suspension of lawyer Denison’s law license.   He averred that her exposing these clear and notorious criminal acts in her blog by corrupt jurists, judicial officials and public officials was like crying fire in a theater.   Later on he cited the Alvarez (stolen virtue case) as authority.   Except for the fact the Alvarez case rejected Larkin’s position it was not surprising the Ms. Denison received an interim suspension.
Naturally and predictably the American Bar Association was silent.    No one word of protest came forth from this self proclaimed **** of defense of Justice!    When it came time for the ABA to stand in defense of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Human Rights and Free Speech the lawyer group was and is out to lunch!    So much for America Lawyers defending the core values of America!
Unfortunately, today the Legal profession is still out to lunch – except to blow its own horn and applaud it overt failure to be a bastian of democracy.    This day lawyer Barbara Stone is being released from prison – her crime – objecting to the INVOLUNTARY assisted suicide of her mother.
All over America the crimes of elder cleansing are being promulgated by corrupt judges, lawyers, judicial officials, public officials and others in direct violation of 18 USCA 241, 242, 371, and the 5th and 14th Amendments and every lawyer who raised up and complains is slapped down by a grand conspiracy of silence and attorment.   Florida is a hotbed and terrific medium for this criminal activity; however, in Illinois Jerome Larkin and his 18 USCA 18 USCA 242,18 USCA 371 conspirators have made it a crime to comply with Rule 8.3 and 18 USCA 4.
Rather the make public the ABA report, the legal community ought to hang its head in SHAME for shirking its primary responsibilities.    The AMA would not tolerate the civil rights of its members being removed from them, nor would they allow a small group of criminals who occupy temporary positions of power to prevent members from performing their professional duties.   A Jerome Larkin in the medical community would be drawn  and quartered – in the legal community he gives classes on ethics!
(NB.  For more than 1/2 a century I was proud to be a lawyer, however, after I became involved in the Sykes case 09 P 4585 –Cook County, Illinois  I realized that in the same manner that pedophiles had taken over a significant part of a major religion, avarice motivated corrupt jurists were assaulting America’s most sacred values and ****.    It is tragic, but not too late to kick the miscreants out and restore the Rule of Law)
Ken Ditkowsky
Excerpts from the report on the ABA–note the speaker/lawyer who eventually turned his investigation into Greylord. Was he sanctioned or disciplined for revealing the not so secret secrets of corruption in the the courts?  Nope.  Larkin has added yet another layer of shame to his term of office in cover up corruption, the skeletons which he knows of, and those that created and buried the skeletons and knows who did all this and how they did it.  Larkin knows.  He just won’t do his darned job. And when our elected and appointed officials won’t do their jobs it’s up to the public to demand to kick the bums out!
American Bar Association Annual Meeting, August, 2015

A Message from Paula H. Holderman, Illinois State Delegate to the ABA House of Delegates

Amazing Chicago architecture at Millennium Park
The ABA holds its Annual Meeting in August in Chicago — its lovely lakefront from the top of the Hancock Building.

As the Illinois State Delegate to the American Bar Association House of Delegates, this message represents a report of the 137th Annual Meeting in Chicago, my home town, packed with continuing legal education programs that were most timely and informative with an emphasis on criminal justice reform and recent decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States.

With a real Chicago flavor, the meeting included some very interesting and informative showcase programs, as well as numerous networking opportunities and social events. Hundreds of activities took place over the five days that included nationally and internationally recognized guest speakers. The weather was near perfect except for a quick storm that passed through the city, again forcing the evacuation of nearby Grant Park loaded with thousands of Lollapalooza attendees. Never a dull moment in the Windy City.

News on the Annual Meeting can be found on the ABA website at

Opening Assembly
The Opening Assembly began in a different way – with each state delegation proudly carrying in its state flag.

Sarah Gorecki, a Loyola University Chicago School of Law student, sang the National Anthem with a voice that was breathtaking.

Loyola Law School student sings the National Anthem at the Opening Assembly.

The Invocation was delivered by the South Carolina minister whose congregation had recently suffered a terrible tragedy with the shooting of several of its parishioners. His moving words and heartfelt sorrow actually was uplifting for the ABA members present. “Let justice roll down like a mighty stream of waters,” he said in prayer. “Faith is stronger than fear, and faith overtakes hate.”

Comment:  the ABA did not have to invite a minister from SC whose parishioners were shot to find someone who speaks out against violence and injustice.  Frake, Lahoody and MLVP are still at risk in Chicago, with the blood of Mary Sykes and her death fresh on the hands of the ARDC.  But their excuse, as Adam Stern said ” old people just get sick and die all the time.”  No need to worry there.  Right.
Most interesting:

Thurgood Marshall Award

Tom Sullivan helped countless people in his legal career spanning decades.

Sponsored by the Section of Individual Rights and Responsibilities (whose name was changed at the Annual Meeting to the Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice), the annual Thurgood Marshall Award dinner was held honoring Chicago legendary attorney Thomas Sullivan of Jenner & Block. His eloquent speech had everyone hanging on to his every word. Many attendees repeated the mantra that it is incredible that one man could have accomplished all he did in one lifetime, particularly his indefatigable commitment to civil rights. He is perhaps best known for his investigation into “the famously soiled courts of Chicago,” as Scott Turow put it, that came to be known as the Operation Greylord investigation, leading to the indictment of 92 people, including 17 judges and 48 lawyers. Sullivan also represented 300 death row inmates and is said to have saved many lives in working to eradicate the death penalty in Illinois, and he has been to Guantanamo Bay eight times, putting himself at risk. He said 50 men are still incarcerated there, some being held since 2001. He represents one of them. “They have lost complete faith in the justice of America,” he said, and questioned the destruction of habeas corpus there. He said it’s “not sport for the short-winded.” And at 85 years old, he told the crowd he’s not done yet. Sullivan said, “Inside every elderly person there is a young person who asks, ‘What the hell happened?’ Time does go quickly,” he said to much laughter in the audience.

Scott Turow reminisces about his days working with Thurgood Marshall honoree Tom Sullivan.

The keynote address at this dinner, one of the highlights of the Meeting, was author/attorney Scott Turow who worked with Sullivan in the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Chicago decades ago. He regaled with stories of his working relationship with Sullivan including a call at 7 a.m. on a Sunday to go to work just weeks after becoming a father for the first time.

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