WSJ–Rules for Florida judges–you MUST wear black to be taken seriously

from the Wall Street Journal, judges must wear black to be taken seriously.

Alright.  I have been to Florida and observed their court room system first hand, and I have to tell you, the attorneys should always wear dark suits and the judges black robes, because other than a uniform, their behavior had no resemblance to justice.

We witnessed exparte conversations, documents obviously missing from the files, collusion and conspiracy–and it all surround the severe abuse and ability to drain the estate of Helen Stone–without any semblance of truth or justice.

You would think they were running a 3 ring circus from what I saw.  I could not appear pro hac vice for no real apparent reason other than they didn’t want Barbara Stone to have representation and challenge the system or obtain any justice for her mother–a senior at risk from the Miami Date probate system–already once in the ER for dehydration, malnutrition, sores, contusions, lacerations, fractures–you name it the probate system appointed these people to do it.  Three weeks in the hospital, the probate system, and in particular Judge Michael Genden hands Helen Stone right back to her abusers, without a word of caution or any investigation.

As Adam Stern said on the stand at my trial, never get concerned over illnesses with these old people.  Old people get sick and die all the time.

What a class A ass and psychopath.

No apologies, no assertion that any claims of abuse must be thoroughly investigated.

Narcissist and psychopath in my book.

Mary had been sick for 2 weeks at Carolyn’s with a fever, sore throat could not swallow and was obviously malnourish and dehydrated.  That’s what her doctor said when Gloria finally got ahold of her and got her to the doc where they immediately did IV, proscribed antibiotics and got Mary healthy again.

But Adam Stern defends the guardian and the system with “old people get sick and die all the time.”

Interesting coincidence she is found heavily drugged out of her mind when the money runs out.

We have to reform probate, we have to take the money factor out.  Work in probate must be all volunteer and without profit motive.

You want profits as an attorney or caregiver, go elsewhere.

The system has to end.  period.

Until it does, the judges must wear black, the attorneys must wear dark suits, not only to just avoid evil and greed getting on your aura, but also because the way they ignore truth and justice you would never know they are attorneys OR judges.


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