The day Terry Schiavo Died–how she looked (contents graphic)

An article by Terry Schiavo’s brother.  Terry Schiavo (like many of our seniors narcotized to death) had no diagnosis.  She didn’t voluntarily enter hospice to die, she was an involuntary assisted suicide sanctioned by a judge knowing not what he did.

The story is graphic and tells exactly what it looks like to have a sweet, vunerable woman die of dehydration and malnutrition over 10 days after her feeding tube was removed–BY COURT ORDER.

I’m not Catholic and I realize this is from a RCC website, but it makes correct points.

Someday this judge and all involved will cross over and there they will encounter Terry Schiavo asking why they pulled her feeding tube when all that happened was she was disabled.

This article is dedicated especially to Jerome Larkin, head of the IARDC when complaints were filed by family members to save Alice Gore, Lydia Tyler, Rose Drabik and now our dear Mary G Sykes, the sweetest woman you will meet who did nothing wrong, but when her money ran out (down to $5,000) she was narcotized to death.

The brave soldier Gloria Sykes, fights on for justice for her mother, tho post humous.

Attorneys Larkin, Farenga, Stern, Judges Connors, Stuart and MacCarthy all looked the other way as probate attorneys feasted on Mary’s estate and suppressed discovery on $1 million in valuable coins.  They can easily be found. Everyone in probate and at the ARDC fights it.  $160,000+ went to attorneys fees for Mary. The ARDC can’t deny what they sought to cover up and Ken and I are finally vindicated.  Mary said she wanted to die at home cared for by 2 daughters.  One daughter fought for guardianship and ignored that directive, dragging Mary to Naperville from Norwood Park in Chicago and then selling her home for 25% of value to some tied in real estate company.  Then soon as she got some money spent $97,000 on a nursing home when Gloria cared for Mary in Mary’s own home!  The Farenga-Schmeidel-Stern rip off team then went after Gloria’s own settlement funds for damage to her body, her home and property and of course got it–some $200,000 that went mostly to their attorneys fees.

Mary never wanted any of that.  How about Mary’s wishes?  Is that what Probate court does in Illinois–ignores the wishes of the disabled, in her own handwriting, in validly drawn up Powers of Attorney, in a number of videos posted on Facebook and on Vimeo and then tears apart Gloria?  Shameful Conduct that Larkin and company condones, covers up and supports.  The time is to end all of that.

Some believe our probate courts and ARDC have become hopelessly corrupt. I believe a few removals and escorts out the building of a few key personnel will get others to stand up straight again and yet about a 1/3 of the staff to applaud that justice was finally done when they were afraid to stick their own necks out.

Ken and I and Amu are the only attorneys in 83,000 who have the guts to stand up to this insidious evil and demand something more–that attorneys do their jobs and root out corruption.

Do we need a Terry Schiavo case in Illinois before it gets that far?  A disabled woman who’s feeding tube is removed so ex-hubby can get $800,000 and a judge with a heart of stone?

Why aren’t we requiring our judges and attorneys to take a test for psychopathy before,during and after they take the oath of office?  We have that scientific test now, let’s use it before we destroy all morality and ethics from the Core Values of the US.

We say we are a church going nation, and the Divine Ones clearly demand love, mercy and grace, so why do we expect people with none of that to provide it?

Please put Larkin, Opryszek, Smart, Splitt first down to take the test. Then you can move on to the rest of the IARDC, then to the Judges, then to every attorney and doctor licensed in Illinois.

Crimes against humanity, the elderly and disabled must stop.  The time is now. A call for action and justification of the $20 million + budget of the ARDC is in order.  A call for justification of judges making $150,000 per year or more is in order. Clear the benches of the Daley Center and then move on to 220 S. Dearborn and the federal courts.

If a judge can’t cough up a tear, a bit of sympathy, compassion and understand s/he should not be sitting on the bench and the taxpayers paying for it.  It’s obscene.

Instead of psychiatrists Shaw, Rabin and Amdur declaring every wealthy senior incompetent because they don’t know the name of the President, etc., why are they testing the attorneys and judges in court first for being psychopaths and narcissists?  And then they can undergo the testing.


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