Another harrowing probate case in Florida–Fran Grady Gilhooly, RN

then go to go fund me and make a donation to Patty and her blind son for her courageous efforts in fighting corruption in Florida

Another family who carefully cared for their handicapped, special needs son all his life has the son ripped from them, all because they reported a federal agent for covering up cocaine sales to a judge!

The penalty for being a whistleblower in Florida, if you are a woman, is to have your children ripped from your care and your visitation.

Another similar story is Patty Reid, now in hiding from the law, because she testified for Barbara Stone, another whistleblower in a case where Roy Lustig, attorney and Michael Genden, knew of severe abuse to Helen Son (rushed to ER with contusions, lacerations, pneunomia, bed sores, rashes, dehydration and malnurtrition, spent 3 weeks in the hospital) and incredulously Judge Genden returned Barbara’s complaints of abuse right back to the abusers–Atty Lustig and Guardian Lapides.  The day after Patty Reid testified that Lustig was a liar and abuser, her parental visitation rights were terminated.  She has left the state.

Please watch these two brave women who bucked the system and do what is right and for this they isolate them from their precious children.

Please pray for Helen Stone who has gone up and beyond her call of duty to stop corruption in the system of Florida by writing countless documents, pleadings and filing grievances with the judges, the courts, the judicial inquiry boards, the attorney disciplinary boards.  You name it, she has done it all to protect her mother.  And every time she finds more corruption and reports it, or more abuse and reports it, they jail her!

Right now Barbara is in jail and it’s for who knows what.  Typically, when Genden gets mad he calls his buddies at the state’s attorneys offices and makes a complaint and then they arrest  Barbara for “interferring with the care of disabled”, meaning she reported abuse.

Please pray for all these brave ladies.



PS–it should be noted that in mid-eastern countries when women fight for equal rights, the authorities likewise take away custody of the woman’s children.  It is indeed a sad day when you have to explain to a disabled person, a senior citizen or your own child that you are going to report corruption and fight it and therefore they must be prepared they might not see you again for a long time or ever, but it is something you have to do.

The code of silence is not working.


4 thoughts on “Another harrowing probate case in Florida–Fran Grady Gilhooly, RN

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  2. How frustrating to leave in our broken Judicial System. My mother has been in guardianship for. 9 years and have gone through horrendous actions from the guardians.

    • Dear Irela;

      I am very sorry to hear that. I have had my law license taken away for 3 years for running this blog and telling the truth about what happens in probate.
      I would like to know more about your case and if you can send me a timeline for publication, that would be great.
      If I can help in any way, plmk. Right now, because I cannot practice law, I am writing books for probate victims. Let me know if you would like to have me write a book on your story.
      Take care and I send you peace and blessings.

  3. Thank you for helping. Please check out my new video that Fran Grady GILHOOLY AND I did yesterday at Seattle Community Media Editing Room”. Fran Grady Gilhooly wants David Commodario to tell her where her son Brad Rutkosky is buried. Please ask your blogger if anyone knows where David Commodario ( a Florida Cop) & Brad’s Guardian has burned Brad. Fran Grady Gilhooly wants to know where her son is!!!!

    This message is from me
    Janet Christensen Obrien
    TV Producer of Public Interest Issues Show
    On Seattle Community Media
    My number is (206)-624-9624
    If someone knows…..

    Thanks for everything you do!!!!

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