From Candice Schwager in Texas — more blood on the hands of probate appointed attorneys–Ruby


Buyer’s Remorse: When a “deal” for Mom’s freedom goes bad


Just when I think I cannot get any more disgusted with these reprobate lawyers, they hit a new vomit, want to punch someone in the face decibel. Sarah Pacheco is about the worst of the reprobate and cannot even see it. There is any icy cold feeling of PURE ARROGANCE in the room when she enters. She is the most despicable of them all, so be glad Terry. But the two of you could really do some damage! Russ Jones is right up there. And this is my opinion, you den of thieves. I hope you like it HOT!

Today in Court, I was shocked at the freudian slip of the century out of the mouth of a true sow: Sarah. Unbelievably, after  getting sanctioned $15,000 for screaming too loud to save Ruby Peterson’s life as Silverado Senior Living, Sarah Pacheco, Josh Davis, Russ Jones, and Jill Young were holding Ruby and drugging her to death, Sarah and Ruby’s good for nothing lawyers accuses me of bad behavior. All I did was represent my client, Ruby, but no one would allow me to be her lawyer.

Ruby said “hire two lawyers” and her sons hired me. If you are presumed competent, end of story, right? Wrong. Judge Wright appointed two morons: Jill Young (to represent Ruby’s best interests, which apparently was to be drugged to death and kept from her family) and Russ Jones was appointed to be her lawyer (duty to represent HER WISHES, which was to leave Silverado). But, Jones fought Ruby and let her die there. So both were useless and actually want to get paid!

I did not attend mediation or sign the oppressive agreement which my clients signed to save their mother’s life. I’m sure I would likewise have signed anything because Ruby was dying before our eyes and it was the only way we could save her life. In the duress/extortion, a few i’s and t’s were missed and the thugs took full advantage of it, but they fell in their own traps they set for others. Isn’t that what God’s word says?

After Ruby died at Silverado because they would not “LET RUBY GO!” Sarah actually thought she could hold my clients to extortion and accused us of backing out by not giving her the equivalent of more extortion. We were then sued for breach of contract, which is appalling. Seeking to hold us to this illegal contract, she told the judge it did not matter if we were having “BUYER’S REMORSE!” SAY WHAT!! Are you kidding me? I SCREAMED!

So that’s what the mind of a psychopath is like: it’s blind. I was accused of filing frivolous claims and bad behavior for telling you on blogs. Hard to believe these depraved, heartless lawyers would accuse me of bad behavior. Her lawyer buried himself by telling everyone on the record that he had been throwing innocent people to the wolves for 30 years right before he had a freudian slip too, stating that this was all in Ruby’s best interests! WT? Ruby is dead. We objected to that mischaracterization. This guy is so reprobate it’s obscene and I cannot write the disgust I feel. Watching someone die does that to you.

This is what happens in a Code that rewards the gestapo for robbing and killing the elderly, who are mere property in their eyes–worthless. Funny how we pay so much if they are worthless. My clients gave it all just to save their mother and Pacheco didn’t honor the “settlement agreement” that she now seeks to enforce. Go for it.

Candice Schwager, attorney, Texas

republished with permission of the author

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