Finally, in the mainstream media, one ward gets out and speaks out about an abusive g-ship

While the likes of Jerome Larkin and Sharon Opryszek are running around and saying the Sykes case was not a lie and a scam, it was, one brave woman in Florida was able to escape and this got in the mainstream media for a change–abc

Mary Sykes is now dead.  All her money went to attorneys or over priced nursing home bills when she wrote in her POA for health care specifically she did not want to live in a nursing home, she wanted to stay at home.  The Connors-Stuart-MacCarthy team ignored all that, forced her to live in a nursing home and took away all her rights to be and live with her daughter Gloria.

Eventually she was narcotized to death.

The ARDC and Larkin say I was lying, the flying monkeys in probate say I was lying, but the world knows better now.

I am still suspended, but the truth is now out.

The ARDC has turned black into white and white into black–like a house painter.

For Mary G Sykes, the 09 P 4585 proceedings were a death trap in a place she did not want to live, with nearly a million dollars in valuable coins stolen, all discovery quashed, and then she was forced to live in a nursing home–a place she specifically said she did not want to be in.  All the money ran out, and she was narcotized to death.

Mary is now in a far better place, but her poster child like story lives on on this blog, and the ARDC, Jerome Larkin and Sharon Opryszek have not reversed their positions in light of the truth.

Larkin is getting older, and like his brother will be in need of a guardian.  Perhaps the time is now when black is white and white is black for him, protecting all his cronies.

The only one thing the lawyers of Illinois are asking him, and the public also, is to do his job and get rid of all these flying monkeys.  Stop harassing and persecuting those attorneys like myself that work primarily for free for truth and justice and to preserve and protect the US and Illinois constitutions.

Right now, the lawyers he protected in Sykes–the Farenga, Stern, Schmeidel and Waller team have not been investigated and they prey on more elderly and disabled.

The nearly $200,000 legal bill for the Sykes case is a disgrace.  Farenta, Stern, Schmeidel and Fischel and Kahn should be ashamed.  They are a disgrace.  The $87,000 spent on a tied in nursing home (and I would like to see the kickbacks that were paid for this given the fact that Sunrise Park Ridge is advertising a $2,000 kickback for every senior), was specifically prohibited by Mary.  Moving her to Naperville, when she allegedly suffered from dementia was also a disgrace.  As pointed out in a recent article on dementia, why are we isolating seniors and moving them to nursing homes without their permission when in fact, as shown by the monkey with the wire mother experiments of the 50’s (you can youtube these, they’re disgusting animal experiments), seniors and disableds need their families more than ever, to be in their own homes and with the people they have known and loved for years.  If children do not flourish, and in fact go crazy with a wire monkey mother, why do toss our seniors to the “wire monkey caregivers”?

This afternoon I plan on publishing the final accounting in Sykes.  It is a disgrace and nadir of the legal profession.  If anyone doubts her POA specifically prohibits what happened, I will publish that too.

I want subpoenas served in the Sykes case on all sources of income from the GAL’s, I want to see their tax returns for 5 years, I want to see who is paying off any mortgages and loans they have as well as any interests in nursing homes, or beds in nursing homes, etc.



15 thoughts on “Finally, in the mainstream media, one ward gets out and speaks out about an abusive g-ship

  1. I am very afraid for my mother who did NOT have Alzheimer’s, like false doctor’s Report states, why would stranger doctors that never knew her write such things?! My god they are doctors !! Or are they criminals lying like that? The almost $2M is where? They forced her into a locked dementia unit and have almost drugged her to death. The house is gone. Everything taken from this good woman and the family that loves her, that wants her. Will they now just kill her? She has not had her real doctors or the checkups she always made sure to have, when the assets are gone, they want her to get sick and die. We want her. We are a tiny family. You do not just steal people from People who love them! How could these monsters do this? And nothing happens to them?

    • Dear Frania;

      I am so sorry to hear all that. Yes, they intend to kill her off when the money is gone. You need to make a stink. File grievance after grievance with your local FBI (get their email and I will help you) and the state’s attorneys offices for your state and there will be one for your county and city. There are also attorney disciplinary boards you need to write to and the Judicial disciplinary boards.

      I care and I pray for you and your mom every day and I’m putting you on my prayer list.

      Make a stink. Scream up and down the totem pole. Write to all those that are not doing their jobs due to clouted attorneys and judges.

      Truth and justice must be done.


      • Thank you for your caring and prayers . In this area , the entities you spoke of are connected , I rarely have made contact ,once I saw the connections . The concern is not for my saintly immocent mother or us . Or else someone Would have freed her from this hell she was put in . And then to actually take everything she and my father worked for , stood on their feet 7 days a week to make a living , to not be a burden on society , to be productive citizens of a country they chose to come , to make the country proud they came and contributed with their sweat and tears . Why would this be done ? There is no one in this area to write to . Their allegiance is to each other

      • Because the problem in this area is they target people like you, those who are not willing to make a stink. That’s why the Sykes case is seminal. I made a stink, Ken made a stink and wrote the authorities over and over and over again. Gloria filed an endless stream of pleadings pro se-good for her. While Mary was not saved, it was mostly because Gloria could not get a good attorney to go in and fight for her. They disqualified myself and Ken. That’s what they do. We can’t win every case, but the more we watch and the more we make a stink, the more they run and hide and we interfere with their string of felonies.
        You are not responsible for this evil. But you can make a difference by writing the authorities–all the state’s attorneys, all your representatives, get the FBI special emails for court corruption and human and civil rights and write them all the time.
        I do not know your case, you have not published on my website. You have to come to me. Have you written a book like John Wyman? Often that helps too. Give it to all the court clerks, so they know their judges are crooked. They will treat you different. They always stood and applauded for John Wyman because he did this. There are also buttons you can push with the FBI. Changed transcripts and imprisoning probate family members (Robinson and Harrison) are a big button pusher. Also, admissions of ex parte contact with the court. All of these should be reported to the FBI. Ask that they bug the judge’s chambers and hallways. FOIA the tapes on days you think the judges and their flying monkeys are talking and plotting and planning. Ask the FBI and the presiding judge install video cameras in court hallways.
        Just some suggestions.

  2. i want to clarify. Because many know the what happened to my mother, I feel there is no one to help. Or good moral people would stand up to get her out and give us back my mother. I came with my parents to this country and watched their struggle, their working nights and days, with no one to help them, no complaining, and they blessed each day that they could work and take care of us and accumulate and also give to others. They understood what it was to struggle and wanted America to be proud. Why is this done to people that worked so hard their whole lives?

  3. I have seen how you and Mr. Ditkowsky have put yourselves out there for what is right . You are heroes . I have had attorneys with me . It did no good. I may be very wrong , but it looked like all decisions about my mother getting free , had been made before we ever walked in. I do hope I am wrong about this . But any reasonable person would have thought this .

  4. JoAnne;

    I’m not sure what happens when I reply to your emails or if anyone other than god hears me.

    In 2009 I filed for guardianship for my dad and professional guardian was appointed for awhile and my dad’s pre-stroke estate plan was modified with Miami dade county florida family court approval. I didn’t have the money to fight the people who became unjustly enriched. too much elderly exploitation goes undiscovered and prosecuted. but what to do? My dad died in year 2010 and everyone got the money they wanted from my dad via the estate changes and money he gave away after his stroke to baiters. The people said my dad was sane to the end, but three professionals with mental heath credentials said my dad was made insane by his year 2008 stoke with damage to the frontal lobes of his brain, but their testimony was never heard before a court.

    Dennis Sytsma

    Homestead Florida

    Sent from Windows Mail

    • I am sorry to hear all of that, and yes, I do get and read every comment and respond. If you don’t hear from me, write me directly.
      I am sorry to hear of all of that you went through.
      I still recommend you file complaints with the local bar association, your judicial disciplinary authority and the states attorneys and the FBI. Get the email for the FBI that concentrates on court corruption and violations of human and civil rights. If no one has opened up an estate, open up an estate and sue the miscreants for fraud on the court–that they knew he had brain damage and would not approve of cutting you out of the will or estate plan, but they did so anyway. Crucial evidence was never presented they knew about–it was suppressed.
      I don’t know if you filed an appearance in the guardianship where that will was changed or not. They’re supposed to give you notice and the right to a hearing to present your side of the story. If they did not do this, the order changing the estate plan and divesting you of your inheritance was fraud on the court and the order is invalid. Keep on looking for a low cost or pro bono attorney to help you. I will put you on my prayer list for truth and justice.
      Thank you for writing. I care.

  5. My mother , Paula Kryszpel, in Baltimore Maryland , who was a walker from young has been so drugged and drugged and forced to be in a nursing home while they sold her house , stole her valuables and she begged every day to be free . she had been injured many times , as was I by crazed people . NOW, the almost $2m is gone to everyone who took part in this and my brave , good , moral mother broke her hip . Trying to get my mother out , at the hearing the judge said that I can just keep driving to see my mother as I had been . She is not getting out . I almost died In a car accident between DC and Baltimore when an out of control driver came straight onto my car. I could have died but was very lucky . My mother would never have had a broken hip if she was home . Oh that’s right ! There is no home or valuables or assets……..!!!!!!
    None of this is normal . These sleaze balls make sure to get protected . They prepare . Oh yes !!!
    if there is no one anymore to protect the citizens , (and it looks like there isn’t, then who will protect them Joanne? What can I do after all that has been done . ? I can’t believe this has been going on and people were so blind.

    • Please fill out the guardianship horror form and return it to me and I will take it to the Senate Subcommitte on Aging and demand a special investigator and these elders be returned to their families with a volunteer assistant that meets with them for an hour once per week to carry out their wishes and have all the estate money returned. I will send you a form now.

      • Thanks, I will email it now. The only thing I really need right now is money, and I note the angels are always a bit slow on that necessity of life. Oh well, I guess they know best. Thanks. JoAnne

      • I just sent you the form. Let me know if you didn’t get it and I will send again. Sorry, they interfere with my emails

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