From Ken Ditkowsky–taking the “ethical challenge”–who will win and who will lose?

On Aug 5, 2015, at 9:48 PM, kenneth ditkowsky <> wrote:
We need to immediately get out letters to the Senate Judiciary committee and in particular the Senators from Illinois requesting an HONEST investigation of the obvious corruption in the State Courts and their intentional refusal to protect the Rights, Privileges and Immunities of senior citizens and the disabled.
It is a damn shame senior citizens and their families have to live in fear of the State Courts and in particular the corrupt judges who inhabit the Probate Divisions.    The flood of complaints and outrages that appear on the blogs and that are disclosed on a daily basis is not only shameful but a clear and present danger.
JoAnne on your website of today you list some names of people who are alleged to be particularly ethically challenged.   NASGA has a list of “most wanted” criminals in the elder cleansing racket.   It is time for an HONEST investigation of each of the following individuals to 1) ascertain what role, if any, that person has assumed in the elder cleansing racket, 2) if that person has met the criteria of 18 USCA 371 to ascertain if the requisite overt act in pursuance of the conspiracy has been performed by that individual and b) if the criteria has been met if that individual has reported on his/her Federal and/or State Tax return the benefit (ordinary income) that was gained, 3) what other laws this individual has violated, to wit:
Jerome Larkin, ARDC
Sharon Opryszek, ARDC
Melissa Smart, ARDC
Stephen Splitt, ARDC
Leah Guiterrez Black, ARDC
Lisa Madigan, states attorney
Diane Saltoun, Illinois Inspector General
Anita Alvarez, Cook County States attorney
Peter Schmeidel, probate attorney
David Martin, probate attorney
Miriam Solotevich cka Solo
Carrie Fung, OPG
Thomas Brennan, OPG
Daniel Stilton, OPG
Richard Harris, OPG
Allowing corrupt jurists, corrupt judicial officials and corrupt public officials to flourish is unconscionable.
I have been informed that Dr. Sugar has been carrying our ‘water’ and has been waging a campaign to bring the corrupt judicial and public officials who have openly and notoriously violating the ADA to justice.   By a separate cover I intend to request the Judiciary committee and the Committee on Aging to invite Dr. Sugar and other victims of the American Holocaust of Elder Cleansing to testify before it.    It would be very nice if he and a representative sample of the victims (and their family members could get their stories out).
The Mrs. Glenda Martinez Smith story, the Alice Gore story, the Mary Sykes story, the Helen Stone story ***** are obscene examples of criminal conspiracies that have to be addressed and properly punished.   The cover-up that has been perpetrated as part of the conspiracy is an act of terrorism!

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