Test: Are you a Psychopath? A narcissist? Do you enjoy hurting others and manipulating them for evil?


And you know that I am pushing for a professional test for doctors, lawyers, the ARDC, teachers and nurses–anyone in control of the lives of others.

See my results on my FaceBook page–completely the OPPOSITE of a psychopath/narcissist!

We need more people that are loving, giving, caring, willing to go the extra mile to bring a light into the world and stop darkness whereever it may lurk.

Right now I’m looking at the ARDC, the OPG, Schmeidel and his firm.

I highly doubt anyone of them could pass this test, so the challenge is on.

We are looking for professional psychological testing of the following individuals and if they flunk, they should resign:

Jerome Larkin, ARDC

Sharon Opryszek, ARDC

Melissa Smart, ARDC

Stephen Splitt, ARDC

Leah Guiterrez Black, ARDC

Lisa Madigan, states attorney

Diane Saltoun, Illinois Inspector General

Anita Alvarez, Cook County States attorney

Peter Schmeidel, probate attorney

David Martin, probate attorney

Miriam Solo (cka) Solotevich

Carrie Fung, OPG

Thomas Brennan, OPG

Daniel Stilton, OPG

Richard Harris, OPG

I would like to see their results–and NOT certified by any of doctors Amdur, Rabin, Dinwoodie or any other “probate” psychiatrist.

A psychopath/narcissist is a dangerous person and should RESIGN.  The public should demand it.


6 thoughts on “Test: Are you a Psychopath? A narcissist? Do you enjoy hurting others and manipulating them for evil?

    • Yes, these miscreants are only in Illinois. If you have a list for another state, I would be glad to publish and you can let them know they have a challenge up on my blog.

      • Dr. Robert Hare studied psychopathy extensively and wrote about it . It is a real thing . Not a judgement .MRI testing has shown the pleasure part of a sociopath’s brain lights up upon seeing others in pain . Their only care is for themselves . They ate not capable of true caring . How can they be blamed for a moral derangement ? Power needs to be taken from them , not waiting for them to give it up . It will never happen. They are stronger than the average person because they do not have the normal emotions or conscience to stop them from doing all manner of evil . They will never give up power . Thats all they have . I certainly can add people on to the list .

  1. Do people like this get away with doing whatever they want for similar reasons Sen. Nancy Schaefer and her husband were murdered in Georgia?

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