Complaints that fall on deaf ears of those in the government empowered to do something.

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Subject: The third world is dealing with the cancer of corruption while here in Illinois our government is encouraging it and the War on the Elderly and disabled. SHAME.
Date: Aug 4, 2015 10:52 AM
Everyone knows that the national pastime of France is tax evasion.   Everyone knows that an honest politician is one who when bribed “stays bribed.”     Indeed, yuck, yuck, yuck!    Except when you are the victim of the corruption it stops being humorous.     Thus, Americans write to their elected representatives, law enforcement and agencies that are designed to protect the public.      The public agency (except the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission) usually writes a benign letter telling the complaining citizen that the citizen complaint is very important to the agency and within ten days there will be a response to the complaint.
Ten days later of course nothing happens, except, in cases where the bureaucrat writing the message expects that the complaining citizen is a “pain in the bodily regions where the sun does not shine” and then the citizen receives a notification that the agency has elected to do a comprehensive investigation and when it is completed the citizen will be notified.     Indeed, complaints filed yesterday can expect to have their adjudication sometime on or before July 1, 2115.      If the complaint involves official corruption by a member of the dominate political party July 1, 2215.
Here in Illinois, now that it is too late to help either Mary Sykes or Alice Gore and all the bad guys have been paid and all the assets stolen it is still too early to expect that Honest investigation to occur.     Gloria Sykes’ cries for justice have fallen on deaf ears as have the cries of all of Mary Sykes’ friends and neighbors.       Illinois is on the verge of Bankruptcy and public employees and teachers may lose their pensions but no effort is made to collect the State income tax and penalties that is due from the two guardian ad litem, the guardian and all those who acted in concert with them to rob Mary’s estate of about two million dollars.     In a similar manner the taxes due on 1.5 million stolen by the breach of fiduciary relationship in the Alice Gore case remains uncollected.    In the Tyler estate the toll is 8 million etc, etc.
With a straight face Illinois pols suggest that a tax increase is necessary!     Unless, Illinois decides to collect the taxes due from public officials with clout who have engaged in a conspiracy to aid and abet ‘elder cleansing’ such will come to pass.    The Peoples Republic of Illinois will thus be on record as aiding and abetting the War on the Elderly and the Disabled and as giving immunity from taxation to the criminals within its governmental structure.     Jerome Larkin and his co=conspirators will laugh all the way to Bank!
In Florida, California ***** the miscreants are leading the way in making being elderly or disabled a dangerous scenario.    Court appointed guardians are given carte blanc and family members who object are severely punished.    The Colonel Smith case is so incredible that it merits the National Socialist Award of 2014 – therein the guardian actually petitioned the court to stop Mrs. Smith’s complaints by seeking the annul her marriage to Colonel Smith.    Mrs. Smith was preventing the guardian for profits attempts to give his avarice full rein.    (The Court after being admonished by the Appellate Court still stayed “wired!”     I wonder if Florida will elevate the Judge to the Florida Supreme Court!
The Wall Street Journal has an article suggesting that in the 3rd world they are taking steps against corruption that are unthinkable here in Illinois.     In Illinois any lawyer (not himself/herself) engaged in the felonies or corruption, who reports crimes pursuant to Rule 8.3 and 18 USCA 4 is suspended for at least 3 years.     If the lawyer is not repentant expect four years!      FYI the article states:
“Donning a long-sleeve green blouse with a black headscarf, Evi Susanti, the second wife of North Sumatra Governor Gatot Pujo Nugroho, looked extremely tired walking out of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) office at dawn after undergoing a marathon 15-hour questioning over the bribery case implicating her husband.

“After the lengthy questioning session, Evi was named a suspect together with her husband on Tuesday.

“Evi is not the first wife of a government official to be questioned by the KPK before being declared a suspect. Rather, her role in the bribery scheme reveals a recurrent pattern of wives, including second wives, playing roles in graft schemes in the past two years.

“Prior to 2014, it was the wives of graft suspects who helped their husbands launder ill-gotten gains by becoming second party beneficiaries to hide the whereabouts of dirty assets. None of them however were charged with money laundering.

“With the KPK failing to prosecute graft suspects’ wives, the past two years saw the wives of state officials playing greater roles in graft schemes.

“In the graft case implicating the North Sumatra governor, Evi allegedly provided bribe money to three judges at the Medan State Administrative Court in exchange for a favorable ruling that cleared Gatot from his suspected role in a corruption case involving the North Sumatra administration.

““Yes, the questions concerned the source of the money. I let Pak Gatot explain that issue,” Evi told reporters after emerging from questioning on Tuesday.

“Gatot’s lawyers appear to have inadvertently confirmed her role in the scandal.

““ Bu  Evi just helps ease work levels for her husband because as a regional leader he is busy with official duties. It’s an operational fee for lawyers, not for bribing judges,” Gatot’s lawyer Razman Arief Nasution said, revealing the source of the money that prominent lawyer OC Kaligis later used to bribe judges in Medan. Kaligis is Gatot’s attorney for the corruption case.

“Prior to Evi, the antigraft body has labelled three wives of government officials as actors in bribing state officials in exchange for favorable decisions.

“In July this year, the KPK declared Suzanna, the wife of Empat Lawang regent Budi Antoni Aljufri, a graft suspect for helping him bribe then Constitutional Court chief justice Akil Mochtar.

“Suzanna was later also charged with perjury after the KPK found that she tried to protect her husband in the case by giving false testimony during the trial of Akil in 2014. The couple is expected to stand trial soon.”

“In other graft cases, the KPK has also slapped bribery and perjury charges on former Palembang mayor Romi Herton and his wife Masyito. Both were sent to jail in May.

“Meanwhile, in July 2014, the KPK arrested the wife of Karawang regent Ade Swara, Nurlatifah, for receiving bribe money from a businessman for delivery to her husband. The KPK accused her of extorting PT Tatar Kertabumi for money in exchange for her husband’s support of a permit application for a housing project in Karawang.

““The regent extorted the company and his wife acted as the go-between,” then KPK chairman Abraham Samad said in 2014.

“Acting KPK deputy chairman Johan Budi said that the growing involvement of wives or family members in graft schemes was due to lavish lifestyles practiced by many government officials.

“Johan said that members of government officials’ families aspired to be a part of high society and did whatever it took to join the club.

““For example, one wife of a graft suspect has a Hermes bag worth Rp 960 million. It’s worth mentioning that a bag like that is only owned by five people in the world. The wife also has other very expensive bags,” Johan said. – See more at:
Do not write the United Nations concerning elder cleansing – their efforts as to human trafficking are designed to be self defeating.    Elder cleansing and the Holocaust activities are coming into vogue as the cancer of corruption and crimes against the elderly and the disabled are becoming the normal fare of so many in our government and judiciary.     Maybe in the near future we here in America will advance to the level of justice that North Sumatra is demonstrating.    Hell – we might even see an Honest Investigation of the entire Elder cleansing scandal.   (Isolation/abuse/exploitation/involuntary suicide of an elderly person equals the crimes of Elder cleansing)

3 thoughts on “Complaints that fall on deaf ears of those in the government empowered to do something.

  1. My beloved mother is going through the worst trauma for the second time in her life. It is unbelievable to see what is going on .and that no one can do anything .

    • Dear Frania;
      I am sorry to hear that. You are welcome to tell your story on this blog and I will be glad to report the activities of those criminals for you to the authorities. I will also put you on my prayer list for healing and comfort.

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