False allegations from the ARDC

One of the things that irks the ARDC and the flying monkeys is the fact that the clients are still using my stuff in court that was already prepared and they are refiling it on their own.

My clients are entitled to everything I wrote for them, and they are entitled to have me assist finding them new attorneys and transferring the files in an orderly fashion.  I am not practicing law.

But the allegations continue.  They waste my time and their time with this nonsense.

See below and if I find the complaint, I will publish that too.  It’s just one more method of harassment they utilizie to suppress free speech and honest.

Clout is still their game, and it’s obvious.

Attn: Atty Director Jerome Larkin, Atty Melissa Smart, Atty Sharon Opryszek
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August 3, 2015

Re: 2015 IN 02171–Mary Sykes is dead and the ARDC could have         prevented it.

Dear Sharon;

I am not practicing law, nor do I hold myself out as an attorney.  The building has no sign as to my office.  Nor is there any sign for Ted Birndorf.  He is an old friend of mine and visits frequently so I can discuss turning files over to him and seeing what he wants from my clients, but does not have an attorneys office here.  He has a PO Box and uses Nejla Lane’s offices to see clients.

We have 3 offices and a copy room.  Joe Dubow, a CPA rents one, my husband, as a licensed Realtor rents another. There is no room for Ted.  He is with Nejla Lane on Cicero, far as I am aware.  Or he probably works out of his home.  I don’t know and don’t care.

I never filed anything on July 7, 2015.  On April 9, 2015, according to my records, or thereabout, I filed a Request to Prepare the Record in the Sophie Reichert case, a copy of which is enclosed.  Likely Barbara had a copy of the 4-9-15 request and simply refiled it. That is her right.  The offices at the Daley center for appeals is very busy and often loses the Requests to Prepare the record.  If Barbara filed a copy because they couldn’t find the original, good for her.  She is learning.  I challenge you to find a certificate of service for July 7, 2015 that I signed.  I was not even at the Daley center that day..

My former clients have a right to their files and the work that was done prior to 4/21/15.  I have helped them in any way I could to get new attorneys, or to turn everything over, scan documents in so they could proceed pro bono.  Everything is shared with them on drive so they can access it at any time.

The only clients I have left are patent clients and I am registered with the USPO and I am allowed to do patent work.

I don’t do legal work.  I try to find attorneys for all my clients, but they mostly need pro bono assistance.  I have asked your offices to help with that, but no one does.  You all just don’t seem to care about the public or protecting the public or what the public thinks of the flying monkeys in probate.  That however, is a grave mistake.

My clients have the right to hire Ted Birndorf.  Currently his phones are out, so naturally, the clients call me because many were my clients and I email him whatever they want.  I am only passing along messages, I do not practice law.

I do not charge for any of this.  It all goes under the “cost of corruption” and if and when the courts are cleaned up all the miscreants responsible for lying at my trial, those who wrongfully prosecuted myself and Ken Ditkowsky and Lanre Amu will be sued for Fraud on the Court, which has no limitations period.  I am patient.  I can wait.

I fully expect the defendants in our civil rights action to pay for the “Cost of Corruption” and not the clients, none of this evil is their fault. They are innocent and not responsible for all the lies, deceptions, extortions, and string of felonies that has occurred as for example in the Mary Sykes case which your offices refuses to investigate.  I understand why Lisa Madigan does not “do corruption”, she is likely the daughter of a major drug lord for the midwest (Joel Murray) who retired from representing drug lords in New York, moved to Chicago and bought up an airline with some investors.  Walter White would be proud.

I hope you and “dear Jerry” are happy now.  Mary is dead as of 5-23-15 and was narcotized to death.  Gloria saw her mother a handful of times in 5 years because YOUR evil witnesses-Stern, Farenga,Schmeidel, Stuart all lied on the stand.  Stuart got caught lying about myself and Gloria on the stand (how pathetic is having deputies hand cuff Gloria and threaten to euthanized her dog and cat) was told to pack up her evil and leave by Timothy Evans.  Catherine Falk is busy passing the right for adult children to have free access to ailing parents.  Too late for Gloria and Mary tho.  The ARDC could have helped. It could have done justice in the Sykes case being aware of all the evil.  Instead, it did an excellent cover up of the crimes and licensed criminals.  You repeatedly quashed subpoenas (which you should have issued, this is your job, NOT mine) to find the location of the gold coins.  You should have take the deposition of Carolyn Toerpe, Fred Toerpe and Kristin Toerpe to determine how Gloria was battered, her files went to a secret shelf in Judge Flannery’s offices during the case and only recently returned to the 12th floor fiiling room.  You should have asked these individuals about the location of the gold coins.

All $300,000 as Scott Evans was going to testify–went to attorneys fees is going to attorneys fees and I don’t see your offices stopping that.  Gloria’s house is in shambles.  She barely saved it after 5 years of litigation, and no, she’s not going away either. She now has a book and movie deal soon to come out now her mother’s dead.

All discovery was quashed by the ARDC and the Probate court concerning the whereabouts of some nearly $1,000,000 in valuable coins. When are YOU and dear Jerry going to get the video tape that proves Carolyn Toerpe took the coins, was a thief and liar and the Stern, Farenga,Waller, Schmeidel, Soehlig group suppressed that crime?  At least I got it out at trial the safe deposit box was drilled out and none of those flying monkeys told Judge Stuart.  Why do you refuse to do your job but take 100% of your salary?  You and “dear Jerry.”  It’s nothing but a Fraud on the taxpayers and attorneys of Illinois.  They trust you with your ability to prosecute and do justice and you let them down time and time and time again.

Mary’s home, worth $1 million, was appraised in Feb 2014 for $750,000 and then sold $213,000 to a Real Estate Investment Firm.  No one lives there. There lights are never on, no mail is delivered there and no trash is picked up from there.  That’s what probate is supposed to do?  Rip homes from disabled seniors and sell them at huge discounts to investment companies?  How do you explain covering that up?

The entire case is nothing but a string of felonies.  And I’m still here and still publishing a very popular blog–no declines in readership, only increases, that the Emperor has no clothes.

Feeling naked?

What is it your offices does not understand that the current scheme on the 18th floor of the Daley center to “target, isolate, medicate, drain the estate and quietly eliminate” is not a problem or a string of felonies?  All the other probate blogs “get it.”

When will you start doing your job and protecting HONEST attorneys such as Ken, myself and Mr. Amu?  When will your offices start investigating corruption and kicking butt.

In addition, you have accused me of making false statements with disregard for the truth, but in reality it is the ARDC that falsely prosecutes and persecutes honest attorneys trying to rid our court system of corruption–myself, Ditkowsky and Amu.  Your offices changes white to black and black to white as if you are nothing more than a team of house painters.
I am, by copy of this fax claiming Protected Whistle Blower Status and I do not want to hear of any of your time wasting fabrications any longer about how I am violating the rules of ethics when all you have done is engage in fraud on the court and protected those who are clouted and should not be protected.  Kindly keep all that to yourself.

You should be investigating the cases of Janie Thomas and Alan Frake–two seniors in probate currently at risk where the court hands back allegations of abuse to the abusers.

Very Truly Yours,


/joanne m denison/esignature/

Joanne M. Denison

cc: http://www.marygsykes.com blog and Ken Ditkowsky, Lanre Amu
Chicago FBI, FBI civil rights division, US Department of Justice, by email

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