Teen Jailed over fight with family friend for 5 years in Detroit Michigan

Just when you thought the judicial system couldn’t do a worse job in taking care of our youth, another shocking story comes out:


Placed in adult jail, her 6 month sentence went up quickly to 5 years because in one instance she gave a guard a threatening look and in another she shouted at another prisoner she would “beat her a**” for slapping her.

Obviously the “prison for profit” system isn’t much better than slavery from the 19th century and earlier.

In another case in Detroit, we have another person (son) being jailed over a probate dispute where a competent woman is trying to escape a wrongful guardianship.  The state of Michigan wants mom, but she left to go live with her brother. So what happens to the son?  He is threatened with indefinite detainment in jail until mom comes back to Michigan (so her home can be looted and sold and her placed in a locked down nursing home–despite the fact she is clearly competent).  A greedy out of control professional guardian has targeted this family and want mom’s money and home.  Mom left and told them to get lost, so now they extort the son.  What a mess.  Please pray for them all.  Son is on the road right now, living out of his car, looking for a “safe state” to live in  If anyone has any suggestions, please email me.

Next on the list of things to do are my documents filed with the Supreme Court this week.

Motion to Reconsider my Interim Suspension:


Next is my motion for additional relief (did I ask for enough help on my wish list?)


and finally my Petition to file Exceptions with the Review Board.


Now, as you are all aware, the items that the ARDC and Jerome Larkin are most trying to cover up for their cronies is:

1) target, isolate, medicate, drain the estate and quietly eliminate. That is game over in the Sykes case, and the clear victorious winner is the blog in all of this, together with everone involved from Gloria and Kathie, to Ken and Tim and host of others (Bev and Ken Cooper, Sylvia Rudek, let me know if I forgot your name, oh John Wyam) who are all too familiar with the mantra.

Mary is now dead, having been medicated to death “in hospice” with no known major illnesses, and the Plenary Guardian shows up at the funeral home openly telling the funeral director to hide a crime.  Isn’t that convenient.

The police don’t care, the FBI doesn’t care (other than to remove Stuart and Kowamoto, but there are other judges willing to cover up fresh kills, including Carolyn Quinn who hands back reports of abuse to Allen Frake to his court appointed abusers), and no one cares.  Nothing is done.

Sunrise Nursing Home even advertises it’s “seniors for cash program” here:


Of course, everyone involved, from the judges to the FBI, to the probate attorneys think they can keep on running this “Seniors for Cash” program because no one cares about old people, as Adam Stern said on the stand, old people get sick (and presumably die off all the time) and that’s normal and no reason to investigate.

But flash forward onto the lives of these judges and all their attorney helpers in the Kids for Cash program, and most have either been indicted, are wearing orange jump suits or have fled.  All it took was 5 years and a couple of feisty reporters that never gave up.  The 2nd circuit recently announced none of the judges or the attorneys will have immunity.

In the case of all the flying monkeys on the 18th floor, that means the following will apply to them without any immunity: conversion, theft, embezzlement, wrongful death, liability for hate crimes (saying someone is old so narcoticing them to death is not a problem, they die all the time anyway) (and I want to thank Ms. Lipinski today for reminding me the forced drugging and death of seniors forced into hospice against their will, without  court order, and being told it doesn’t matter old people die all the time–is in fact a hate crime. Good catch and thanks)

It’s all a house of cards waiting for the right wind.

Ken and I have out our industrial fans, probate victims have been buying theirs.  Mary Sykes, the poster child of this website is now dead.  The ARDC disciplined myself and Ken merely for speaking out and saying there was nothing good going to come of the illegal, corrupt actions of Stern, Farenga, Schmeidel and Soehlig and that Mary’s case was a classic Target-Isolate-Medicate-Drain the Estate and Quietly Eliminate and now it’s come to fruition.

Ken, I, Gloria, Probate Sharks, NASGA, Evans–you name it, we were all right about this.  It’s all done now.  We screamed and yelled and warned and nothing happened to prevent the murder of Mary G Sykes in a place she did not want to be (nursing home) by a person she did not want to have her legal authority (Carolyn Toerpe) and now she is gone.

The million dollars in missing coins does not want to be investigated by the likes of Larkin, Smart, Opryszek, Farenga, Stern, Schmeidel, Soehlig or MacCarthy.  That is gone and discovery quashed over and over again.

Mary needs to be exhumed and an autopsy done and a tox screen, but they will work to quash that too.  You wait and see.  The medical records will disappear or get altered with diseases never found or recorded otherwise.  Mary’s home was sold for pennies on the dollar to some real estate corporation for “investment purposes” for cash.  Yep, that’s why probate exists, to make money for undisclosed real estate investors.

No one in the neighborhood has really seen or talked to the owners of Mary’s property.  The place always, and I mean always, looks vacant.  When Mary and Gloria were there, they cleaned the walk, they did the gardening, they walked dogs, they participated in the neighborhood.  Now, just an erie emptiness surrounds the property.

Yesterday, Ken quipped with all the money, subterfuge, cover ups, discovery quashing and head turning in court, even if Obama came himself to defend myself and Ken in all of this, even he would lose.

I just have to agree.  There is some serious dark, evil and sinister surrounding Mary’s death and the missing money and the property sold at a deep discount.  The stuff creepy cheap horror movies are made from


8 thoughts on “Teen Jailed over fight with family friend for 5 years in Detroit Michigan

  1. Gosh. This ‘Seniors For Cash ‘and promoting the death of elders that do not want to die . There should be a way to stop this crime . This article gives hope when it fast forwards to the people involved in Kids For Cash going to prison . My good mother , because it was seen she had assets from a long hard life of work , has been locked away , drugged almost to death , the house that was her stability , her proof that all can be right in the world , sold from.undrer her and her hard earned assets unknown . The people In this system wink at each other with how they are getting over on people . They love the power they give themselves . They are totally immune , nothing can happen to them . Baltimore County , Maryland is doing this to my mother , a hard working immigrant who stood on her feet working no matter what pain she had , no matter what else , no matter what ! Look what they have done to Paula Kryszpel. I hope God’s tears bring a karma on this band of thieves . Brave people are even afraid to get near this tight knit band of entitled leaders of the community that owns the newspapers; media companies , communal organization , courts . They laugh at how untouchable they are !!

    • Dear Frania;
      I would love to hear about and blog about your mother’s story. They murdered Mary G Sykes after years of hollering, screaming, yelling, cajoling to the ARDC, the Illinois Supreme Court, Lisa Madigan, our State’s Attorney, Diane Saltoun, our Inspector General who both say they “don’t do” corruption (yet they took an oath of office for state’s attorney and inspector general AND one as an attorney).
      Are Ken Ditkowsky and I the only attorneys that take this oath seriously? Does no one else see the pain and agony and suffering, lies, deceit, injustices and lack of Truth in any of this?
      You have my thoughts and prayers Frania, I will pray for you and your mother. Keep on hollering to the states attorney, your inspector general, your atty disciplinary board, the Judicial Inquiry Board, the governor, anyone.
      We have to make the loss of civil and human rights and liberties for disableds and seniors a nationwide priority at this time.

      • It seems you and Ken may be the only ones to fight back this corruption . Are the layers of protection for these people so thick that no one can penetrate ? It seems you are right , , there is something evil , dark and scary going on. Once false medical reports are written , psychotropic drugs forced on the imprisoned target , their home and assets plundered . The next and only step is to make sure they die. I write to no one in the Baltimore political community . To me , they all know each other , go to the same country club, pray (??!!) at the same places , live in the same neighborhoods. They own this area . To protect people finding out what has been done to my good mother , they will make sure she does not get out and dies. Unless some heroes step up .

      • I would pray for you to tell the story . My mother ‘s picture and text just came up very few days ago . Now Baltimore county Maryland can see what has been done to this good woman , that blessed each day and was well liked by good people . She must be gotten out of this . There are good people Who have not known what happened to this tiny immigrant family . Where is Paula? What happened ? now they will . I, as my mothers only child and always the protector of her and my deceased father , want to save my mother .

      • There is no more important work you do than what you are doing now. You have the blessings of all who are trapped and suffering and beg for help .there is nothing more worthy . Thank you

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