On the Passing of Mary Sykes–an article to her tribute

Dear Readers;

Ken Ditkowsky wrote me today and noted that Mary Sykes “died in captivity.”  Well said. And as to be expected, there is or will be a fight over a tox screen adn autopsy and embalmning the body.  Gloria has alerted the authorities once again to the shenanigins of CT.  Death on a long weekend, skip the autopsy and tox screen, please.

But the funeral director has been alerted, and his duty is to ensure that abuse is reported, in contentious situations, an autopsy and tox screen is conducted, and then Mary is put where she is supposed to be.

The family is worried about last rites.  Family has contacted Mary’s priest and of course he said he did not do that for her.  Mary is Catholic.  Her last directives to Gloria were to remain in her home as long as possible (on Avondale and not in a nursing home, just to clarily for some people that just “don’t get it”, and to

First order of busines for Carolyn was apparently it was desireable Mary died on a long weekend, just like Lydia Tyler.  Next, there is no funeral.

Those were not Mary’s wishes.

Read Ken’s favorite article on her at:


This tells you who Mary was–a strong independent, clear thinking woman who cared for her community.  I understand Yolanda, her sister is the same, and an activist to boot.

Also, there are some rumors on yet a new will CT had executed in Dec. 2009 when Mary was guardianized.  I can hardly wait for that one to surface.  In Dec 2009 Mary is guardianized, the proceeding was filed starting 7/2009, so what’s up with the “new will” cutting off Gloria completely.  After all, Dr. Shaw testified that Mary was incompetent when the Lumerman’s Settlement Agreement was signed in 2008, there was a notary present (me), but my testimony was never taken or subpoenaed.  Of course not!   Can’t do that in a cover up operation.  According to CT, Mary is incompetent.

Mary was compent to have Gloria as her POA in Dec. 2009, she was equally competent in July of 2014 when Scott and Dolores Evans, Gloria and I saw her and took her video (with her permission), in June 2014. The ARDC had a fit about that (and refused to show the prior video at my trial showing she was clearly competent), and Stern apparently used a minion with the Naperville police tell me to destroy that video under threat of arrest (spoilation of evidence)–someone that should clearly know better it is a First Amendment right to take and keep important trial evidence, which he did not do.

So, far nice and good cover up (and I’m talking to you, Mr. Larkin, administrator of the ARDC).  We have Judge Connors invovled, Judge Stuart (who lied at my trial and had to “suddenly retire”), Cynthia Farenga, Adam Stern, Peter Schmeidel (who has a number of cases people complain to me are corrupt), Dr. Shaw and Dr. Rabin.  Now we have Aicha MacCarthy involved. (Another judge who learns of misdeeds by attorneys and refuses to investigate).

And I don’t have a license, so I just get to continue to ask the questions and blog about how the loss of my license is tied to this “fraud on the court.”  Each and every bit. And the bits just keep on getting worse and worse.

Now truly it is a win-win situation for me.  People still flow in, call and email me about corruption and lazy me, I get to sleep in and don’t have to go to court ever again.

Evil and greed doesn’t have to deal with me in court.  Now I can really focus.  I can investigate and get others to do so.

I don’t care about money, only truth and justice, so what do they think they are going to do now?  Ken is vociferous, Lanre is vociferous, I am still available, all the time to any court corruption victim.

They tell me what is going on.  In person, over the phone and over email.  Distraught and victimized by the court system, I am always here to serve them, as noted at my trial 24/7 per day.  I am an unstoppable force.


4 thoughts on “On the Passing of Mary Sykes–an article to her tribute

    • You are way too kind. But if you get a chance, please rent or get the movie Selma, one of my clients is actually featured in the movie! How great is that. Diane Nash, a wonderful civil rights leader and she is my friend! Until the end. So are you. Keep up your blog for Truth, Justice, US Rights and Constitution and most of all peace and love.
      We WILL make a difference.

  1. I am so sorry to hear that Mary has left us — a brave woman, she fought to live the remains of her life in freedom and dignity. She will surely go to heaven. But I have extreme doubts about whether her captors will make it there too. Justice will out for sure. Somehow. I just wish that it would be sooner rather than later.

    Mary, I salute you. And I salute JoAnne Denison too, for staying with Mary every step of the way during Mary’s long journey.

    Some would call Mary the Rosa Parks of elder incarceration. And JoAnne is being forced by evil men to become our Martin Luther King. And I too have a dream…that the horrid incarceration that happened to Mary will never happen to me.

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