Al Jazeera tells the truth about guardianship….what is going on?

And while Mary Sykes is not even in the grave yet, and has no autopsy or tox screen, and while mainstream press in Chicago won’t even touch all of this, we have Al Jazeera coming in and telling the truth about a Texas guardianship gone wrong, way wrong.

So I guess that is the upshot of all of this. While Presidential Oligarchys and Grand Regiemes try to herd the US Sheeples against the Arab nations, what we have is Al Jazeera telling the truth and doing the exposes on corruption in the US.  What have we come to?

What has our nation come to that Chicago mainstream media refuses to touch the Sykes Case, the famous pulling of Alice Gore’s 29 gold teeth, and her drugging and death, but Arab press steps in and tells the unvarnished inconvenient truth about drugging and death and conversion of assets of seniors in the US?  Complete with video evidence.

In the Sophie Reichert case, all of a sudden she said the OPG was okay to be her guardian, she did not want a lawyer to take an opposing view, she did not want to come to her own trial.  None of it videoed. Then the court sealed the trial and the transcripts.

Do we have to go to Al Jazeera to get the truth?


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