From Ken Ditkowsky — what he knows about the 69 W Washington fires

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From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Apr 25, 2015 8:32 AM
To: JoAnne M Denison , Bev Cooper Probate Sharks
Subject: Re: From the program – FIRES ON FRIDAY AFTERNOON

In the 1950’s through the years when the Circuit Court was housed in the County Building it was widely known and laughed about that the County was burning their records in the annual fire that raged though floor 3 1/2 with great annual regularity or when an embarrassing investigation was anticipated.  (City Hall also had a 3 1/2 and a similar situation).
When the Brunswick building fire occurred many of the oldtimers feeling nostalgia & the statement:  ” wonder who is being investigated now!”     It stopped being funny when people were killed.
Of course all of the fires could have been co-incidence – but the timing was perfect – only a few lawyers were in the building along with very few public employees.    There was no panic, no injury except to some papers that might be embarrassing.      If the Fire Department records have not been destroyed they will bear out the pattern.     (When the Daley Center was completed enough to move into the County building fires ended – until the Brunswick Building fire 69 W. Washington).
Now that Mr. Larkin and his terrorists at the IARDC have made an issue of the fires, maybe they are doing so because THE HAVE SOMETHING ELSE TO HIDE!
From Joanne;
Again, if anyone has any information about the fires, please come forward in complete confidence.  I have already had some attorneys respond with some amazing information, and this has been passed to the authorities.  If any victims families come forward, I suggest you demand the investigation be reopened.  There are things you should know.
Closure is very important for families. The deaths apparently did not have to happen at all, if fire codes had been respected by management, but they were not.
And, initial articles on the fires indicate at first the 6 deaths were ruled a homicide after an initial investigation, but that was changed sometime later.  If what I have heard is true, the first assessment was correct and the parties involved should have been charged.

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