From Ken Ditkowsky – On the Interrim Suspension of the Law License of JoAnne Denison

The interim suspension of the law license of JoAnn Denison, Attorney
America has been very lucky to date.     It continues as a viable republic in spite of  events that could have destroyed her.     For instance, in 1812 a hurricane drove the British out of Washington and saved the Republic.    On December 7, 1941 the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.     The American pubic reacted with patriotism and love of country.     On September 11, 2002 terrorists attacked the Trade Center in New York.    Americans again rallied behind our President and consented to giving up some individual rights so that the Republic could prevent future attacks.
Unfortunately, the internal corruption that has infected our political and judicial structure from time to time took advantage of the surrender of some our individual rights to enhance their own pecuniary and parochial  interests.       Yes, these criminal elements have been making inroads into destroying our America almost from day one; however, this virus in particular took hold in the health care industry.    The miscreant took a huge chunk out of our liberty as Americans made sacrifices to protect their freedom from strangers.      The multi-zillion dollar health care industry was target one.      The elderly and the disabled were tempting prey and as the Government accounting office and others have pointed out they are routinely being dragged from their homes, railroaded into guardianships wherein they lose their liberty, their humanity, their property and all the rights of citizenship.    A cottage industry of ‘elder cleansing’ has grown up.
Every audit, and every examination of the industry produces evidence of the criminal activity that has become a National epidemic.      The professional guardianship industry is the subject of citizen complaints on a daily basis.     Horror story after horror story is disclosed.     The Mary Sykes case 09 P 4585, the Alice Gore case, the Wyman case ****** all are representative of the seriousness of the malady.       No outrage is too large or too horrible for the corrupt jurists, judicial officials and public officials who participate in the cottage industry of elder cleansing and their war on the elderly and the disabled.     The ‘cover up’ of this assault on America and its democracy has intimidated many good people into silence.     As an example the mainstream media systematically quashes any mention of the literally hundreds of senior citizens and disabled people who are isolated so that they can have their estates looted, and their humanity and civil rights abrogated.    In a similar manner, Jerome Larkin and the Illinois IARDC are rude, disrespectful, and outright hostile to the hundreds of family members who have complained to the IARDC.      The lawyers who pirate the estates of the elderly and the disabled are given a free pass, but, any lawyer who joins in the complaint is suspended from the practice of law.
Laws are and have been enacted that all recognize that the present guardianship for profit fiasco is wrong, illegal, amoral, and a dagger at the heart of the republic.      Congress, the Government accounting office, and others recognize the cancer, however, the outrage continues on a daily basis.     18 USCA 4 requires citizens, and especially lawyers, to report these felonies.     The Illinois Supreme Court has ruled that a lawyer can be disciplined for not reporting the felonies.    18 USCA 2. 3, 371 make those who participate in the felonies equally liable with the miscreants.     Our tax law provides that persons who engage in a conspiracy have joint and several tax liability for the proceeds (benefits) of the wrongful conduct.       All that said, the law means nothing when it is not enforced or entities such as the Supreme Court of Illinois disrespect the law and aid and abet the criminals violating it.       Herein Illinois we have the Sykes, Gore ***** cases all of which clearly illustrate that the Rule of Law is an enigma that looks, sounds, and is beautiful, comprehensive and concise – but, it is not to be enforced or given credence when the favored miscreants who are proactively kidnapping, isolating, robbing, dehumanizing and providing involuntary assisted suicide to their victims are given immunity.
In recent months, the Illinois Supreme Court, Jerome Larkin and other members of the organized bar have demonstrated a total disrespect for the Bill of Rights (1st 10 amendments to the US Constitution) and Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution.      Not a single mainstream media outlet,  or a single elected representative, or a single name law enforcement official, nor any person who we have entrusted out democracy with has voiced a protest to the erosion evidenced by the license suspensions of Lanre Amu, JoAnne Denison or myself.       Indeed, when Jerome Larkin barred a civil rights leader from the kangaroo hearing as to JoAnne Denison’s suspension not a word of protest was uttered.
Why were we suspended?    We committed the crime of complying with 18 USCA 4 and our obligations as lawyers and as citizens.      We spoke out loud as to the ‘elder cleansing’ and/or the corruption of jurists, judicial officials and political figures who were actively engaged in assaults against the core values of America.    In America this action is protected by law, legend, tradition and the writings of the Illinois and Federal Constitution.     The silent invasion of our own brand of National Socialists has apparently garnered control of the State of Illinois.     The question is whether or not the citizens of Illinois are content to live under a North Korean type government or whether they want the government that their forefather fought for.
I was informed today that the Illinois Supreme Court apparently is so upset that JoAnne Denison has expressed her opinion (in a blog) that the railroading a senior citizens into guardianships so that they can isolated, stripped of their humanity, deprived of their liberty, and robbed of their property (assets) (ELDER CLEANSING) is wrong, that on this infamous day of April 22, 2015 they issued an interim suspension of Ms. Denison’s law license.     If the report is accurate, Illinois has struck a terrorist blow to America’s core values and the liberty of its citizens.      The Illinois Supreme Court has ruled that it is a danger to the public safety for a lawyer to express her independent view that elder cleansing is wrong.
Few societies have survived the destruction of its core values.     The Communists under Stalin ran the Soviet Union into the ground, and under Putin are repeating the exercise.     The National Socialist under Hitler destroyed Germany.      America by failing to rein in the repressive and wrongful actions of a few deviants in the political and judicial community is following the path of the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, et al.     Ironically, the first wave of victims in the rush to destroy democracy and/or a liberal society are the elderly and the infirm.      The Supreme Court of Illinois that it is proper for clouted lawyers and jurists to prey on the elderly and the disabled.    Here in Illinois the April 22, terror attack by the Illinois Supreme Court on the law license of JoAnne Denison is a clear signal that Illinois is no longer part of the Union – it is a province of North Korea.     Free Speech has been abrogated to mean that Lawyers and other citizens have all the opportunity that they wish to praise the corrupt judiciary, but have no right or privilege to be critical of it.
It is no longer required in Illinois for a corrupt jurist to be concerned about jurisdiction, civil rights, human rights or the limitations on guardianship specified in State and Federal  Law.     When an elderly or disabled person has some money or property that the miscreant want not only is there a tacit agreement that the miscreants are entitled to steal the money or property, but the legal community will render the license of any attorney who does not attorney to criminal acts forfeit.     Just like Nazi Germany – Illinois no longer subscribed to the Rule of law.
If you think that I am over-stating the problem –   Ms. Denison was granted an interim suspension – this means that the Supreme Court feels that she is an imminent threat to the safety of the public by her exercising her First Amendment Rights.      Demand from your elected representatives an HONEST complete, intelligent, and comprehensive investigation of the Denison Case!       Do not take a single word that I say as true – investigate for yourself.   Start with 09 P4585, and then examine the harvesting of the gold from the teeth of Alice Gore.       Failure to take heed means that you will have one or more of these miscreants in your future.
And Ken, you know I have to add, I was serving so many poor and low income people pro bono in probate, I was exhausted, burning the candle at both ends.  Now, I am refreshed and free of any and all obligations that make me stay up late at night drafting pleadings so I can get up early and run to court in the morning, meet clients in the afternoon early evening, draft pleadings until late at night.
These people really aren’t too bright. If they wanted to kill me, that was definitely a best way out for them.
Now I can investigate and survey in peace.
I already am conducting a reinvestigation of the fire at the OPG that killed 6 people.  Did you know, at first it was ruled a homocide and then the big wigs reversed that? Apparently Patrick Murphy was involved–big time.  And a whole lot of lawyers know it and told me about it.  Then I asked if they reported this to the FBI and all I got was silence.
So if you are an attorney out there that has information on the 6 fire victims, please contact me and I will report it for you–no names will be used.  Or, if you are a victim’s immediate family, I will reveal the information to you and ask you to contact the FBI.

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