The Real Reason for my Suspension — Lisa Madigan is not who she says she is

Lisa Madigan was born Lisa Murray.  Her real father is Joel Murray who represented major drug distributors as a criminal lawyer in New York.  After 15 years, he “suddenly retired” and put $200k into a fleet of aircraft which became Simmons Air.  It was a match made in heaven.  Low air fares, risky valuable cargo, cash that had to be laundered, the airline quickly was branded “American Eagle” and in 10 years was sold for nearly $80 million.
That’s all fine and good, but where does that leave the Cook County Courts system?  It’s a disaster run by the nefarious and mob connected.
1. Joel Murray was born and raised in Bronx New York, by Hirsch circuit vaudeville performer Al Murray and Catskills hotel operator Claire Stier Murray. He was sent to University of Wisconsin in 1960 on a boxing scholarship and later received his law degree. He began legal practice in Illinois during 1964 as a criminal defense attorney, representing drug dealers, corrupt politicians and mob associates.  He suddenly closed his practice in 1979 and began running Simmons Airlines with his brother. Accelerated growth, and operating agreement using American Eagle brand led to Murray’s eventual sale of Simmons in 1988 to AMR parent for $78 million. 
which has all the connections except Matyas and Sang Yul Lee being partners. The article also notes that Lisa Madigan is famous for failing to prosecute corruption in Illinois. Some great state’s attorney we got.  Does only part of her job for full pay?)
In 1988, Murray moved to residence in Laurel Canyon area of Los Angeles and began financing and producing Broadway plays. Murray’s national touring company was incorporated in Illinois during 1992. He maintained his Chicago Gold Coast residence and condo in Florida as well. 
Murray died in October 2009 and after funeral showing in Chicago was buried in his hometown of Bronx in Jewish only cemetery, next to Lisa Murray’s paternal grandparents. Lisa Murray was the only child of Joel Murray.
2. Fred Roti, son of mobster Bruno Roti, was a long time Chicago Alderman who was indicted in Operation Greylord for fixing court cases. The DOJ in 1999 stated Fred Roti was a known mafia figure aka “made man”. His daughter Rosemary now works for Tim Evans. His son Bruno F. Roti was indicted in 1980 in CPD motor pool kick back scandal and pled guilty serving brief time in prison. Despite conviction, Bruno appears to now work for Sheriff Dart’s office or is on payroll. 
Fred Roti’s grandson John Walz works in Attorney General office under Lisa Madigan.
3. Sang Yul-Lee, ARDC hearing officer in Denison case, is law firm partner of Thomas Matyas, father in law to Tiffany Madigan, half sister of AG Lisa Murray Madigan
This would be correct facts
 4. And I have to add, that there is also the head of the Official Court Reporters at the Daley Center.  Every probate matter has a court reporter from there.  Probably 95% of all cases do.  There are massive complaints about missing transcripts, lost transcripts, “unable to transcribe” transcripts and all sorts of nonsense?  The main culprit from the court reporters I have talked to?
I am told that she asks for court reporters to change or supress transcripts and gives them holy hell if they do not.  Many believe that she too is connected to the mob or they say she acts if she is.  Apparently she drives a big black car and pushes the court reporters around and is not a nice person.  One court reporter said she had to quit when she was asked by MF to do something unethical.  Good for you, CT.
It seems that the mob and/or evil has replaced Lady Justice at our Cook County Court system.  Let’s pray the authorities do their job and get rid of it now.

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